Christmas prep

If you’re preparing for Christmas which is days away, which character would you choose to help you? Choose your favorite superhero or villain!

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The Flash - or any speedster. The super speed would be helpful for getting last minute things done.


Bruce Wayne. He could buy everyone’s presents for me.

Flash, if he also helps after like take down decorations

The Flash.

I would choose Catwoman to help me steal all the gifts I need to buy for everyone that I can’t afford, from the rich people who bought it with blood money. She’d be my own personal Robin Hood.

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Starfire from TTGo!

The Christmas season is all about positivity and holiday cheer. Regardless of what happens or doesn’t, Starfire would be the perfect partner to make sure everyone gets doused with a healthy helping of holiday cheer, which is the main ingredient for an awesome Christmas!



The Flash!

Harley Quinn! We can celebrate Christmas and Hanukah! Lol, she would make everything fun!

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