Chris Kent…the Other Super Son

In this week’s Action Comics, we see Superman and Jon Kent and Conner Kent finally together. Superman might not remember Conner (which is a mystery) but it was nice to see him with what is basically his sons. But it got me thinking about Clark’s other son…Chris Kent.

Of all the things to come from the New Earth era of Superman, I have to say, I loved Chris as a character. Yes, he was Zod’s son, but he was an innocent. I love that Lois and Clark took him in. Clark got to see what it was like for his parents to raise a Kryptonian child, Chris got to have loving parents and Lois was an awesome mom! When Last Son ended, I think anyone who read it was heartbroken. But, Chris didn’t go with that story. He showed up again in the New Krypton saga (I won’t spoil it as it’s a fun reveal), but after that we didn’t get anything because the New 52 and Rebirth happened.

Speaking of Rebirth, we got Chris…kind of…


Jurgens reintroduced Zod and his family in his amazing Action Comics run, which included Lor-Zod. It was cool to have Chris back in a way, but he wasn’t Chris anymore. He was who he could’ve been in the New Earth timeline had Zod raised him. The only thing that disappointed me was that our Superman, the one from Post-Crisis/New Earth didn’t recognize him. That would’ve been such an amazing avenue to go down; here he is with Jon as his son, but here is a reminder of the son he used to have, who has no memory of the life he had with Lois and Clark because that timeline is gone.

Anyways, the point is, it’s fun to remember those stories with Chris Kent. He didn’t last long but he certainly left an impact on this Superman fan.


Chris was awesome sad to see he’s different in rebirth I am going to write a miniseries with Chris as Superboy at this link: DCW not yet but hopefully in September if not a little bit later also there will be a Young Justice series at the same link featuring Chris Kent as well as others if you’re looking for some Chris Kent stories come back to this link around late august.

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Last Son was certainly an entertaining read, especially due to Richard Donner and Geoff Johns penning it.

It’s interesting that Chris came around about a year or so after Damian was introduced. Superman and Batman had never had kids (the main/core iterations didn’t, at least) and then in the space of a year, they’re both proud papas. Granted, one child was of one hero’s DNA, while the other was adopted, but the comparison stands.

SN: Action #1022 was a solid read.


I was surprised by how much I liked Chris as a character. When it was first announced, people thought it was just trying to include the “Superman has a son” element from Superman Returns so people who saw the movie and came into the comics wouldn’t be confused. But Chris ended up becoming more memorable than Jason White.

I was surprised and happy to see the character again in the New Krypton saga. While his story got a little muddled towards the end, having him back and the way he came back was a pleasant surprise.

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I never really bonded with Chris Kent. This is possibly because I didn’t read Last Son when it first came out. I think Superman Returns was also a factor that made me avoid it. To be honest, I’m also not really sold on the idea of Superman having a kid in general. So… I guess the fandom and support that surrounds Chris is a bit lost on me. Though, I did like him in the New Krypton saga.

I think I’m more of a fan of Conner because I grew up with him and because he has some attitude going for him. I’ve also bonded more with Jon because, at this point, I’ve read through just about his entire life from birth to Legion membership. With Conner and Jon around, I don’t really see a path for Chris’ return to how he was before New 52. But, as you pointed out, he is still part of the universe so never say never…

I’d like to see something done with Jon Lane Kent, the evil, alternate-future son of Lois and Clark that had been raised by Harvest to hate and want to destroy all meta-humans.
Jon Lane Kent threw down with New 52 Conner (Kon-El) a few times. I think a fun storyline would revolve around Conner worrying that Jon will turn into Jon Lane.

But… I haven’t read Action Comics #1022 yet (I should pick that up later today…).


Don’t get me wrong, I loved Conner. I was ten when he first appeared and I was intrigued by a new Superboy. Thanks to my local comic shop, I was picking up some of the silver age Superboy comics for cheap (they were damaged) and loved the idea, so getting a new version was great. And I loved his series. The only thing I didn’t love was Johns retconning it so that he’s half Clark and half Lex. That never sat right with me. It made more sense that his human genes came from Paul Westfield. It was such a gut-punch having the man he hated be partly his father. With this retcon, it just made him a pawn in the Superman/Luthor feud.

I would have loved if Conner and Chris had spent time together. Sadly, Conner was dead at this point in time. But imagine if Chris had an older brother to hang out with?

And yes, I totally remember the Jon Lane Kent from New 52. It was an interesting story. I remember that rumor going around that Conner had survived Flashpoint at the DNA that was used to create the New 52 Superboy was taken from a captive Conner. Sadly, that didn’t work out but we did get Jon Lane Kent.

What I wouldn’t give to have Chris somehow come back (even with his Rebirth counterpart still out there) and we could have Jon, Conner and Chris together; three super sons from three points in Clark’s life.


Also, does anyone else refer to him as Superboy 2 1/2 sometimes? No just me… ok.


Yeah Pre-52 Chris coming back would be great and maybe Bendis is leaning towards it especially after we left Clark with him being mad for not remembering Connor in Action Comics 1022 maybe we can see a moment between a hopefully young Chris (I prefer young Chris, so adorable) and Clark having there equivalent to the amazing hug Wally and Barry had in the Rebirth Special. Also if Chris ever gives a friend a signal watch it should be one with Pig-Iron on it (who gets this reference)

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It’s so funny you mentioned “the hug” because I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

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Honestly, I really liked the Luthor DNA retcon. Post Crisis Lex was really just terrible. Making him partly responsible for Conner’s creation gave you even more reason to hate Lex and added more drama to Conner’s backstory. I remember when the retcon dropped and Conner was brainwashed into turning on his best friends in the Teen Titans. They didn’t want to hurt Conner, but he was really dangerous that way. Good stuff.

I hear you, though, it did end up taking away a bit of Conner’s individuality when, before, he was really his own hero. After that, he was pretty mired in the Superman/Luthor saga. But what a saga it is…

I never heard that New 52 rumor about Conner. I’ll have to look into it because it sounds like an interesting fan theory, at least.

One possible road to where you want Chris to be would be the suggested union between the Houses of El and Zod. In Bendis’ Superman, there are all of those… dreams?.. flashes forward?.. of a New Krypton. Maybe Chris marries into the House of El and becomes a Super Brother-in-Law to Conner and Jon?

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It doesn’t have to be a hug exactly but something just as meaningful maybe the issue ends with Kal next to Chris in Chris’s bed and it can be a callback to the moment in Last Son.

That could happen but the best part of Chris is he’s an El at heart and a Kent in spirit if he married into the family then it doesn’t feel like the right ending I think Chris deserves his own Lois, weather it’s an original character or something Chris deserves to find his Lois even if another young hero, I also have no idea who Chris would be a world’s finest match-up with maybe bringing back Chris can be a beginning of a new Robin (after all Damian has made lots of mistakes in Teen Titans maybe another should assume the mantle)


I felt that Chris and Thara Ak-Var (Flamebird) had a good relationship going in the New Krypton Saga. I think she ended up sacrificing herself to save others, though…

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Maybe it’s only because I preferred young Chris but I didn’t like him as Nightwing he should be Superboy!

I liked him as Nightwing. I dug those early armored suits they had, and that he was rapidly aging which put a ticking clock on that story. The only thing I didn’t like about the whole Nightwing/Flamebird New Krypton story is when it got away from them hunting rogue Kryptonians and got into this odd spiritual thing. The last bits before War of the Supermen were such a slog to get through.

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Yeah… War of the Supermen was a HUGE let down. I always felt that maybe the conclusion of New Krypton was rushed because DC got J. Michael Staczynski on Superman. Like, they got JMS to sign the contract and then they said to James Robinson and co.: “Alright, wrap it up.” There were a lot of unresolved plot threads and a lot of weird plot turns that make me feel this way. But… it’s just a theory.

Then JMS botched Grounded hard and ended up leaving the book early… Then they announced New 52 would revamp Superman completely, and I was like: “Yeah, with what’s been going on over the past year, I think I’m ready for that.”


I liked War of the Supermen but I have to agree it felt rushed. The stuff with 7734 and General Lane didn’t feel like it had the payoff it should. Tremendous art, though.

Grounded was something I didn’t want but I found once JMS left, Roberson adjusted it so the story didn’t seem so…forced. And he brought in Iron Munro which I’m always glad to see.

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Agreed. Roberson prevented it from being a complete train wreck.

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All this talk has made me wanna break out my custom hardcovers bindings of the New Earth era of Superman. I had to:

I had the whole saga from Secret Origin to War of the Supermen collected into an eleven volume set.

The first six go through the stories Johns set up from his run:

Then we have what I like to call the New Krypton Aftermath:

These have most of Chris’ major appearances ( I left out The Third Kryptonian and filler issues) and some other cool stuff.

This was a fantasticrun in Superman history. It won’t be remembered as fondly because it doesn’t have eve names “Lee” or “Bendis” attached (as that’s the only thing they seem to celebrate these days), but damn if it wasn’t fun!

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I liked the idea of him as Superboy though and I liked how he was young and adorable and made you smile when you saw him or read his dialogue before he was Nightwing, when he was Nightwing he felt like he lost the connection he had to his parents, and him aging up didn’t make sense to me as we never see Kal being aged up and I’m also sad we never got to see more of young Chris’s life, after all it would be different then Kal’s since Chris is living in Metropolis which is different then Kansas, some of the best young hero stories have the characters be in school so we feel relate ability also Chris felt so temporary out of Last Son as much has he was amazing he never felt like he was a permanent member to the Superman supporting cast and I’m also mad that Jon is considered Superboy (3) because technically Chris is as he was referred to as Superboy at least a few times, I felt like if he was Nightwing it should have been in like Batman Beyond where he is grown up, I don’t know I just like the young Chris as he wasn’t another superhero he was a character that was Superman’s future and was a good kid too making every line of his you read make you laugh or sad or happy he was a character that could really be fun and felt like he was what DC youth was and I guess that’s why I was disappointed that he became Nightwing.