Choose your Squad

Call them criminals, killers, villains but whatever you do, don’t call them heroes. They’re just being forced to do the mission. Every comic, video game, and film throughout the years has shown us a different view of these prisoners from Belle Reve.

From Ostrander’s legendary comic saga and all the way up to Gunn’s masterpiece of a film, which Suicide Squad has been your favorite over the years?

I’ve really enjoyed reading “New 52 new Suicide Squad” a lot

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The Suicide Squad was good but I didn’t care for how it used Waller.


Ostrander’s run was amazing. Made me a real fan of Boomerbutt and The Wall.

The subsequent runs were also good, especially when Harley was involved.

The original movie is what started it all for me. I still like it despite what a mess it was.

Haven’t seen the new movie yet, but it’s on the list of things I will get around to eventually one of these days.


bloodsport,king shark,harley quinn, livewire ,rat catcher 2,peacemaker, jinx and
captain boomerang

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The title made me think, who has never been on the Squad that you think would fit or that you are surprised has never been used?