chill out or critique?

Now with all these adaptations come a lot of scrutiny from fans and critics. I know people who hate dc titans and view it and doom patrol as that episode from ttg where they got serious but with r rated words. So much angst and anger from fan groups Plus it’s audience vs artist with show runners and writers just trying to make their own thing, but does that leave them to avoid criticism? My question is that should people just relax and see where things go with dc television or be more forward with how they feel the shows should change or improve?

I liked it. I wouldn’t have changed anything, except maybe getting to see the actual finale. There’s nothing wrong with voicing an opinion. Everyone has one. I like the adult aspect of the show, including the language. It didn’t seem forced or unnecessary to me, just more natural the way a lot of people talk in certain situations. I honestly thought Titans season 1 was great and can’t wait for episode 1 of Doom Patrol tomorrow.

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