Check Out These Vintage Shirts in the DC Shop!

DC has been delighting and inspiring fans for over eighty years. The DC Shop is full of vintage and classic style shirts that celebrate DC’s long history.

Check them out for yourself here!

Which vintage style shirt have you been wanting to get your hands on for years? Let us know in the comments below!


Just getting ready for summer!


I don’t really wear t-shirts. Only as an undershirt. I wish more button-up shirts were made.

Oh man me too! I love the batman one but I’d love something like that for Superman in a women’s cut! Something I could wear to the office and it’s only noticeable when you take a minute and really look at the pattern lol

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Has anyone bought one of these? I’m curious about how soft they are. I’d like a Superman shirt for the gym but If it’s a stiff, heavy shirt (or one that’s cut like a tent) I’d rather wait.

Plus, if it was available in a men’s tank, that would save me having to cut the sleeves off.

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I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives!

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Right on!