Check Out These Exclusive Photos from STARGIRL Episode 1-08: “Shiv Part Two”

Things are heating up on DC Universe’s Stargirl ! The villainous Shiv has arrived, and she’s already proven to be more than a match for Stargirl. If you thought Cindy Burman was fierce as a student, her super-villain persona is a thousand times deadlier. The battle in the final act of “Shiv Part One” was explosive, and now it’s time for the rematch. To get you pumped up for “Shiv Part Two” we have two exclusive photos.

Check them out in our News Section now!

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Hopefully the team fights Shiv all together and they learn the meaning of team work and get a better relationships with the team

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Best part of the episode…Beth hearing Solomon Grundy’s groans…”nope”