Check Out DC Universe's Guide to All Things BIRDS OF PREY

If you’re as excited about the upcoming Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) as we are, then we’ve got just the thing to tide you over until the film’s arrival on February 7th. Check out DC Universe’s new Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey page!

This page has everything you need to refresh, or just get to know, the Birds of Prey in all of their manifestations. Head on over to explore all the comics, TV episodes, animated movies, and bios all in one place!

Is there any essential intel that you didn’t see on the page? Be our little birdies and let us know in the comments below all your favorite BoP moments!


The link does not work. :frowning:


Oh no, @nimueravenfall.68763! I’m so sorry to hear that the link isn’t working. It looks like it’s working on my end but I’d be happy to take a look and see what might be causing the issue. Could you let me know a bit more about what you’re experiencing? For example, if the page isn’t redirecting or if there’s an error message, that would be very helpful. Additionally, if you could let me know what device you’re using, that would really help as well.

If you are experiencing errors, another option might be to reach out to our Support Team to see if this might be something that they can help with.


Thanks for letting us know- we’ve looked into this on our side, and the page is not yet released for iOS. Is this the device type you’re using? An alternative solution is trying this link instead:

If that doesn’t work and you’re eager to see what we’ve got rocking (and it’s pretty cool, so I don’t blame you), be sure to check it out on a desktop or laptop. Otherwise you will be able to see it early next week on iOS!

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I use an iPad since day 1. I’ve never been able to watch a video or reach a link. I’m gonna leave it alone for now b/c u guys just fixed my account, as far as getting it registered under my info. I tried this one @Applejack, the one u displayed as a back up. It doesn’t work either. Nor does any video ever posted by another member.

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I am glad :blush: for the birds of prey movie

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I “liked” this post in that I acknowledge and have let our devs know, but I definitely don’t LIKE it. ;p

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We are too! Welcome to the DC Universe Community, we’re sure to have tons of fascinating BoP conversations in the weeks to come :bird: :bird: :bird:

I took it no other way, but thanks for clarifying just in case. For all I know it could simply be a setting I have turned off. It could be something as simple as me having don’t accept videos switched on instead of off. Can’t u tell how tech-savvy I’am, a don’t accept videos button? Lol. I’m so clueless.

So excited for this film! Gonna take the fam to go see it :grin: