Charles Mcnider Essential Reading

Can someone point me where to start? Keep getting convulted answers in different sources.

In terms of early appearances, he had extended runs in All-American Comics and with the JSA in All-Star Comics. Unfortunately, digitization is really spotty for Golden Age books, so you might not be able to find those.

His subsequent appearances were in the JLA/JSA crossovers from Justice League of America (1960-). There were a ton of those, though as far as I know Doctor Mid-Nite himself didn’t do all that much in them.

Looking at a list of his appearances (which should be taken with a grain of salt; I suspect most of those are brief flashbacks), it seems like he appeared a lot in All-Star Squadron and apparently in Infinity Inc. (presumably in connection with Beth Chapel, since McNider wasn’t a member of II).

Not sure what he was doing in the early '90s, but he died in Zero Hour in '94 and has been dead since. A few stories in Starman and various JSA titles have referred back to him, but Pieter Cross has been the main Doctor Mid-Nite since 1999.

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Anything good with cross?

He had a miniseries and was a regular in JSA (his wiki article lists issues 7-9 as recommended reading) and JSA Classified (the wiki recommends issues 19-20 and 23-24).

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Some of these are the Peter Cross version.

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Well, yeah. My first post was about Charles McNider, and then he asked about Pieter Cross.


Cross is my favorite :slightly_smiling_face: I was reading JSA when it first came out and I remember how cool it was when he showed up during the Obsidian 3-parter and joined the team.


I will check these all out, thanks everyone.