Characters that you want to see get black label books?

I’ve read all the black label books so far (unless we are counting hill house and sandman universe) and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I’ve especially loved the bigger formatting of the books, they just look gorgeous.

What I have noticed is that they are dominated mostly by Batman, Joker and Harley. Superman and Wonder Woman will slowly get there too but my favorite of all of them has been Jeff Lemire’s Question. It was amazing to revisit Sages character and it just got me thinking about how many obscure characters could benefit from an adult themed comic.

Batman damned showed an entirely different look on the cast of Justice League Dark and it got me wanting a JLD black label book. Deadman, Swamp Thing, the Demon and the Specter looked so menacing in Damned.

I would personally love for a Deadman or Phantom Stranger Black label title, or even a new Shade the Changing Man. We get a lot of Constantine and Swamp Thing which is always appreciated but there is so much more to a lot of obscure characters that has been left unexplored and they would all definitely benefit from a mature rating to be able to handle greater themes that would go along with the aesthetics of the characters. I will however concede that to do a mature book, you need a vision that isn’t just pumping out a character for the sake of niche fan service (though I’m not going to complain)

Who would you all like to see in the future of black label?