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What would you do if you believed you were the last person on Earth? What would your life be like? What would the world be like? How would you survive in a world that has lost all sense of familiarity and is full of mutated and sentient animals? How would you go about trying to locate other humans? What sort of allies would you find and people would you meet?

Well members of @CharactersOfDC
this month’s focus character may very well have asked such questions when faced with the post-apocalyptic world of Earth-AD. filled with savage humans and bipedal sentient animals.

C of DC is proud to Present our Character of the Month

  • Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth

But first C of DC welcomes some new members to the fold. Please give a warm welcome to the following.


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To Read This Month

Kamandi #1-12
Kamandi Challenge #1-12 + special

As always questions will be posted every week beginning Sunday May 2nd but feel free to discuss anything else about these issues if you like.

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Next month several clubs, including C of DC, will combine forces to present a PRIDE MONTH event featuring various characters and creatives who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our characters of the month for June will be Apollo and Midnighter so please join us as we explore these fascinating characters and also check out the other club’s offerings as well.


And here are the first couple of questions for the month.

  1. What do you think of Kamandi’s world so far?

  2. Early on we meet some interesting characters. What did you think of Caesar, Dr.Canus, Ben Boxer and his Nuclear People?

And now for the second batch of questions @CharactersOfDC.

  1. Kamandi in the above panel say that his job now is to see that humans get their second chance. Do you agree or disagree with his statement and how would you achieve this goal if you were in his situation?

  2. Prince Tuftan was an interesting character. What did you think of him?

  3. Kamandi fights a lot of different groups in these issues. Which group and fight was your favorite?

  4. I especially enjoyed the homage to King Kong in issue #7. What was your favorite scene or part of these 12 issues? (Here’s a page from that issue for reference.)

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And here’s Week Three’s questions @CharactersOfDC.

  1. How do you feel character of Kamandi compares to the character in the earlier ongoing?

  2. What do you think of the set up for the book?

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And the final question of the month.

How do you feel The Kamandi Challenge compares to the first twelve issues of the original Kamandi book? Which is your favorite?