☃[Characters of DC] Happy DC Holidays! [Dec. 1-Dec 29]☃

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays to you!

This month C of DC is celebrating the holidays in style with eight holiday tales taken from across the DCU. This month we will be taking it easy and all I ask is that you let me know what some your favorite DC Holiday stories are in the comments and what you wish for the coming year.

However you celebrate the season I hope you have joy, peace and good fortune in the coming year.

Holiday Story Selection

Feel free to read other holiday stories if the following don’t appeal to you.

Week One (Dec. 1-7)

DCU Infinite Holiday Special

•" Christmas Spirits" featuring Shadowpact

•" Lights" featuring Batwoman

Week Two (Dec. 8-14)

DC Holiday Special 2017

•“A Wilson Family Christmas” featuring Deathstroke

•“In the Echo of the Abyss” featuring Swamp Thing

Week Three (Dec. 15-21)

DC Rebirth Holiday Special

•“Day of Returning” featuring New Superman

•The Epiphany" featuring Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz

Week Four (Dec. 22-29)*

DCU Holiday Bash 2

•“Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa” featuring Black Lightning

•“A Christmas Carol” featuring Sgt. Rock

Happy Holidays to All and see you next month when C of DC turns its eye on the spies of the DCU.

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Comic reading was very hit or miss for me in '97 so I don’t think I’ve read that Holiday Bash so that’s where I’m starting.

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Sounds good @msgtvhohoho.

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Happy Holidays, Characters of DC! To answer your question, one of my favorite DC holiday stories is the graphic novel BATMAN: NOEL, by Lee Bermejo, which recontextualizes A Christmas Carol with Batman in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. My hope for the coming year is that this graphic novel and others like it come to DC Universe Infinite!


@HanukkahCityQuestion I’ve been meaning to read Batman: Noel but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe I’ll get the chance sometime this month. I hope you have a happy holiday season !

I really enjoyed the DC Rebirth Holiday special! I particularly loved the Damian and John story! I think it showed a softer side to Damian that we don’t get to see that much! I really enjoyed it!

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That one was probably my favorite story but then again I really liked Damian and Jon in Super Sons.

I haven’t ready Super Sons but it’s on my list. If it’s like this story then I know I will enjoy it!