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And here is February’s discussion. I hope to see you there.


Here’s our current discussion featuring Lex Luther.


Hey! I’m Jurisdiction and I live in a small town in New Jersey! I’ve loved superheroes since I was 5 years old. DC become my favorite superhero company when I turned 7. My favorite DC character is a tie between Collapser and Hitman!


Welcome to the Characters of DC Club @Jurisdiction. We are currently discussing Lex Luthor and the link to that discussion is in the post above yours. In April we will be discussing Jonah Hex and in May we will be dealing with the Crime Syndicate of America. I hope to see you there.


I’ve been in it…

I used to be CozmicCam or Camlapser…

Sorry for the confusion


Here’s our next discussion. Enjoy!


Here is May’s discussion. Hope to see you there.


Pride Month is here @CharactersOfDC so here our June session featuring Apollo and Midnighter. Come join in on the fun!


Hello everyone, I’m Stephen. I started reading reading comics since around 7 years old, sometime in the 80’s. My first, and still favorite comic, is the Torah. In DC I always liked the Flash. I came here to perfect my ideas in relation to my religious interests.

Like some of the above I too was more invested in Marvel in the 90’s; Hulk, Punisher, Avengers, Ghost Rider, and X-Men. What drew me back into DC was DC Universe Online. I was able to create 200 DC connected characters, along with their own story arcs! I have a google site: Ubito Nation Comics and a Pinterest page: Project Yahudastan with a board titled Ubito Nation Comics. (For some reason the iOS version is more in depth than the Android)

I am currently more interested in the corporate side of the comic industry if I ever get to start my Comic Company. Last year was supposed to be my first time at a comic convention. I currently live & work in Las Vegas. But COVID happened. I have been working on my art here through the monthly competitions. I hope to be of value for the others here.

My professional background is mostly security and finance. I have some formal education in Military Strategy from the Marine Corps and Mathematics from time spent tutoring and reading as much Dover Publications as I could digest. I also am well read on world affairs and the problems in the Middle East.


I was really invested in Marvel in the 80s myself. Spiderman, and pretty much everything X-Men related. I couldn’t get enough of X-Men related stuff back then. I also read GI-Joe and Transformers back then.

That’s so cool. If you ever do get the company going I’ll have to check it out. I’m always interested in supporting smaller comic companies.

Man that stinks that you didn’t get to go. I was planning to go to several conventions, including several comic conventions myself but then Covid happened. I’m hopeful that I can attend some later in the year though.

I’m a Librarian at one of our system’s smaller branches.

It’s nice to meet you, @Stephen.Gluck.Henderson.67303.


Here’s July’s discussion!


Here is our August discussion featuring Batwing. I look forward to seeing you there @CharactersOfDC.


Here is September’s session y’all. It covers Cole Cash otherwise known as Grifter.

Here is our special Halloween 2021 edition. We will be discussing Deadman and his adventures.

hi jason todd how do i get in touch with you in private i can’t and you said if i need to i could call you in private but i can’t

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Hi so when I press on his name the message button doesn’t appear, and you could help me in but something like I get the digital badge, thanks in advance.

Hi @matheushenriquejf1.37333. Let me try to message you directly and then you can reply .

Why would I not have a message button on my profile @Shayera.Hol?


Great question. I can message you just fine so no worries there. Taking care of our friend via DMs :slight_smile: