Character Publication Order

I know there have been a few threads that have mentioned specific character publication orders, but I found this website that has many characters’ publication order:

Maybe this will help in creating trade paperbacks or omnibuses. I hope.

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There’s also this one.
However, while the site still logs comic releases, the character appearances stopped being logged around Zero Hour (1994).
So for character appearances, it’s only useful from 1938 to 1994.

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By the way, I’m now looking at the site you linked to.
Pretty good. I’ll be adding to my bookmarks.

I do wish you could sort the books by publication date, though.

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As I’ve been really making a deep dive into the Birds of Prey lately, I’ve found this great resource where you can find any character’s chronological appearances. For example, here are all appearances of Oracle:

Been using this to build myself a reading list to read through the various series and issues to follow the Post-Crisis adventures of Oracle, Huntress, and Black Canary, as they eventually all come together as the Birds of Prey. Interestingly, all three appear way before that in issue #10 of Black Canary in 1993.


Hopefully, “help for completing comics”.

I forgot about another website.