Character IDs for DC Pride 2023

Hi! Trying to identify a number of characters in DC Pride 2023. On Doom Patrol Block Party, I am not sure who either of the two females outside of Dorothy Spinner are. And on the Youth Center there are two people dressed normally that I cannot identify. Can anyone help?


Doom Patrol Block Party: I’d hazard a guess the three women outside of Dorothy Spinner are Negative Woman, Crazy Jane, and Rita Farr.

Youth Center: I’d also guess these are Bernard Dowd, Miguel Montez, and Cullen Row (there are three people I see that could be described as “dressed normally”).

Hope this helps - if anyone has different IDs, feel free to chime in! :blush:


Doom Patrol Block Party: The two people in the back are almost certainly George and Marion. The woman at the table could be Crazy Jane, I suppose, but I’ve never seen any of her personalities look like that (but have, admittedly, not read all of the Doom Patrol). The one dancing with Cliff could easily be Rita, but I saw no clear clues.

Youth Center: The jacket and the phone definitely make the one character Miguel. Cullen makes sense, with his sister in the scene (and his orientation). Bernand would certainly also be a possibility.


Crazy Jane and Valentina Vostok (Negative Woman).

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