Character Chronologies

Looking to read up on the adventures of a specific character? Name one here, and I’ll throw you some issues that you can find right here on DC Universe.


I love this! I’m gonna put you to the test.

Amazing Man.

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To kick things off, Jake from the Facebook group asked for more appearances of Ferro-Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Here’s where to check him out:

Adventure Comics #346-347
Adventure Comics #352-354
Adventure Comics #357
Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) #300
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) #1
Secret Origins #47
JSA #51
Action Comics #858
Action Comics #864
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds

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How about…Ambush Bug? I enjoy me some Irwin Schwab.

Well, Randallus, 4 different DC characters have gone by Amazing-Man (5 if you count 'Mazing Man), but I’ll do my best.

Will Everett:
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5
All-Star Squadron (1981) #50-54
Justice League: The Nail #1

Will Everett III:
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
Starman #38
52 #24

Markus Clay:
Justice Society of America (2006) #12-23
Final Crisis

Rocker Bonn:
[No appearances on DCU. Check out The New 52 O.M.A.C. series.]

'Mazing Man:
Secret Origins #16

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Slim pickin’s for Ambush Bug right now, Vroom. All we have on offer for now are some small cameos in major events:

Crisis on Infinite Earths #9
Invasion! #2

And of course there’s always the series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


I have seen him in the Channel 52 backups of New 52 era books here and there.

I can’t wait for more of his stuff to get here!

Oh, and of course 52 #24! In a small but memorable role as a member of Firestorm’s ramshackle Justice League.

Oh, yeah, I don’t count the Channel 52 appearances. Those are mainly promotional and much too difficult to keep track of. Like Hostess Fruit Pie ads.

Those Hostess Fruit Pie ads were great.

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Awesome! Thanks!

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One character I wouldn’t mind getting more dirt on is Damage.

Do you mean Grant Emerson, son of Al Pratt, or Ethan Avery, of the New Age of DC Heroes line?

The Damage from JSA. Not sure who that is.

I got the impression Ethan Avery, New Age Damage was like a watered down Hourman reboot, but I’m probably wrong.

That would be Grant. Here are some Grant Emerson comics you can find right here on DCU:

Damage #6
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0
The New Titans (1994) #116-117
JLA (1997) #5
Titans (1999-) #1-25
Young Justice (1998) #35
JSA (1999) #35-37
Young Justice (1998) #49-52
JSA (1999) #49-51
Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004) #3
Teen Titans (2003) #23
JSA (1999) #73
Infinite Crisis #1
52 #7-8, 49
Justice Society of America (2006) #1-4
Justice League of America (2006) #8
Justice Society of America (2006) #6-8
Green Lantern (2005) #24
Justice Society of America (2006) #9-17
JSA Annual (2008) #1
Final Crisis: Requiem #1
Final Crisis #4
Justice Society of America (2006) #18-19, 24-26
Power Girl #2
Justice Society of America (2006) #28-31
The Flash: Rebirth (2009) #4
Green Lantern (2005) #48
Justice Society of America (2006) #33
Justice League: The Rise and Fall of Arsenal #2

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Ah, Ragman. A fine choice. Here are your options for Ragman comics on DCU as of 4/5/19:

Red Tornado #3
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5, 7
Infinity, Inc. #22
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #100
Justice League: The Nail
JLA #68
Justice League: Another Nail
Day of Vengeance
Infinite Crisis
52 #1, 18
JSA Classified #8
Final Crisis #3
Action Comics #885-886
Justice Society of America #43
The Multiversity
Justice League (2016) #33


Warlord please, good sir.


Wow, there’s way more Ragman than I expected. Thanks!