Chapter One: Gods and Monsters Director Speculation

Friends! I told myself I wasn’t going to speculate about the new DCU but I can’t help myself. What directors are you hoping to make their debut in DCU? And what projects do you want to see them involved in? Feel free to mention any cast if you have any in mind as well. I’d prefer to keep it focused on the announced films.

Which are:

  • Superman: Legacy
  • The Authority
  • The Brave and the Bold
  • Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow
  • Swamp Thing

As for my thoughts, I would want to hire directors that are known for genre films. They seem to generate success far more than “auteur” directors. It will also keep the budgets down which I know WB Discovery would want to do. It’s not a hard and fast rule though.

I think I’d like to see Robert Zemeckis take up Superman. He’s no stranger to special effects and I find his moves often have a lot of heart. His career is kind of a down slope right now but I think he could really deliver. What directors do you think Gunn/Safran should consider?


Literally anybody but Robert Zemeckis for Superman.



That would be super interesting!!!


John Carpenter on the Swamp Thing movie,

I don’t think it’s likely to happen but it would be awesome.


It’s never going to happen, but Zack Snyder is the perfect director to bring The Authority to life.

One or both of the Wachowski Sisters would also be an excellent fit for the same project (The Authority).



He needs to focus on the Dark Tower. I would love to see him do a DC film, but I was a good Dark Tower series more.

Anybody? Sooooo Uwe Boll???


James Mangold for Swamp Thing

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He did it for Watchmen

Given The Daniels’ win last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody at WB Pictures and/or DC Studios has been in contact with them about a future gig.

As a big Zemeckis fan, I am absolutely behind that.

Especially since it would give composer Alan Silvestri (the John Williams to Zemeckis’ Spielberg) another go at composing a DC score, which he hasn’t done since Red 2. I’m 100% confident his Superman theme(s) would be among the Best of the Best in the DC movie music catalog.

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