changing History

How do you feel about DC comics and the other one want to change history by changing either the sex or nationality of our heroes. Example an black superman or a gay batman or even an Asian cyborg?

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me personally i dont like it just because it confuses people alot unless if their like that already example like sara lance on how the character is bi i dont mind it cause its not like she started out straight than went bi if they make it clear that they were always that way i dont mind but if they change the hero mid way or want to start brand new just feels exteremely off to me and makes it difficult for me to get into but always open to giving something a chance

Most of this stuff can just be chalked up to Hypertime and Multiverse. So to me it doesn’t matter because DC history changes all the time in the comics


Change is good


Nostalgia makes a tough adversary.


Honestly, I think changing a characters race or something like that is creative laziness. Not to mention it is mostly done to b-list characters. Most of these changes are done for “inclusiveness” and I think it’s a disservice to that goal by doing it to a b-lister. Taking the time and creating a new character that is actually good would be better for all. The purist can’t complain because they are leaving the established character alone, and the people wanting to see more diversity will have good characters to explore.


Change is inevitable…the progression and evolution of ideas is what makes us who we are. Fighting to keep everything in a neat little unchanging box is harmful. Keeping “iconic” characters unchanged to appease a minority of purists is doing a great disadvantage to anyone trying to find an outlet in society to not only relate to but to admire and gain inspiration from. So yes I say keep on making changes and modernizing any character as long it keeps to the core values that make these characters great in the first place. As our current world shows us, anyone can do or be anything they want. And that includes superherodom and super- villainy.

Lol I know a bunch of 40yo fanboys this will upset greatly. But hey think about the generations of kids to come :slight_smile:


Change is good. However change for the sake of change isn’t.

DC however, is the home to legacy heroes…they invented it. When someone steps up to become a “replacement” of a DC character, there seems to be a weight attached to it, lending a bit of gravitas to the change. Maybe it’s because the heroes have been around for a long time. I never felt that when there’s a change in the Marvel universe (except when Miles Morales took over from Peter Parker when he died in the Ultimate universe)


Oneton1023, You are so right. Create new characters! Why is this so hard for a “creative” medium. But no, they make changes to established characters, further screw up continuity and alienate a portion of their fan base. It’s just creative laziness from the top down at DC and Marvel. Recently Dan Didio has declared war on the legacy characters, which not only stunts natural progression but voids diversity–the very thing they say they want in comics. The people in charge are not only myopic but damn incompetent.


Creative Laziness! There’s a million starving artists out there with their ideas unseen and writers unheard of! Bring and show us new ideas and different points of views that maybe some people never see behind their own closed doors.

Change is necessary if you want to stay creative and your work to feel fresh. These are comic books, continuity shifts constantly. If something silly like their sexuality isn’t an integral part of the character or their identity, why would it even matter? Besides, it’s not like a character like Batman isn’t already stuffed to the gills with cryptically gay overtones. Let writers create the work they want to make. We don’t always get to make those decisions for them.


I haven’t seen any black Superman, unless you consider Icon from milestone era. Gay Batman, that would be Midnighter from wildstorm imprint ( now part of DC). Asian cyborg…you got me there I havent seen any variation of this archtype.