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batwotan: a mix between odin and batwoman

Another member of The Justice Suciety

Starmax. His cosmic rod uses star power, all of it. A single blast boils all the Earth’s water. He literally dooms us all while stopping a pickpocket.

The Flush- He is just really good at declogging toilets. This made Greek Lantern decided he was worth keeping around.

Wildcar- The world’s worst driver, as he makes heavy weight accidents everywhere. His job is to make getaway cars completely impractical. Other than Tower Girl he is the most hated member of The Justice Suciety.


More from the Justice Suciety

S.T.R.I.K.E. A giant robot that cannot hit a thing to save his life. He is only alive because his stepdaughters Statgirl and Scargirl constantly have to save him.

Judomasher- Uses judo moves to mash potatoes. Mostly useless in combat, but she and Steak Lantern make a good team.

Dr. Rate- Does nothing in battle but write Yelp reviews of his teammates. He is very critical of Wildcar and Tower Girl.


:joy: These would be so much fun to read. I’d love to see his take on power-ranking them.


I might have time to write it on Wednesday. I think Tower Girl is at the bottom.


supor girl – she’s so gullible and naïve

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Ironic after reading Justice League United. New 52 Supergirl is just mean.


Thanks to @bobgreenwade.59688 for the idea of a whole team. as requested by @Shayera.Hol here are Dr. Rate’s reviews and power rankings for the Justice Suciety.

If looks could kill.

  1. Scargirl. She wiped out Doomsday in one look, and it took Superman hordes of comics to pull this off. This makes her far more powerful than the whole Justice Society, and she single handedly makes us the most powerful hero team ever (it also gives me time to judge everybody from a safe space).
    Unfortunately she cannot turn it off and got her stepdad (more on him later). Still last time Darkseid invaded she had his whole army burying their heads in shame and surrendering. Just yesterday she wiped out the anti-Monitor. She easily gets the number one spot.

  2. Dr. Mid-Nike. He is half goddess of victory. That is really helpful when fighting, and he can heal us when my teammates get injured. I never get injured since I always hide behind Michael and judge my teammates online instead of helping.

Still it gets annoying listening to his identity crisis about being both mortal and goddess at the same time.

3. Hawkmat
According to Statgirl Hawks can fly at 150 MPH. Having a hawk trainer lets us harness this power. But it has some drawbacks. They tend to migrate away at bad times, and their constant injuries got PETA mad at us. They showed up to protest, but Scargirl went to calm them down and accidently looked at them all (another reason why she is our most important member). Sadly Dr. Mid-Nike is not a vet.

4. Atom Slasher. He uses his size changing powers to torture villains at the atomic level and loves every second of it. He dates Scargirl, and this gives him a huge intimidation factor in multiple ways.

Most reviewers despise him (call him 4th worst), but I fully support his torturous methods.

  1. The Flush. He is just really good at declogging toilets, and his helmet is a plunger. Most of us are big guys who eat a lot, and Greek Lantern foolishly got us a building with only one toilet, so despite his status as a joke to the public we actually really need him.

6. Mildcat. A nice and happy guy in a cat suit who likes his head to be patted and purring. Villains tend to get very distracted and he keeps up morale. To the public he is our most beloved member

  1. Judomasher. She uses judo to mash potatoes. She is actually a pretty good cook, so my teammates like her. She hates me as I always criticize her potatoes and trash them online.

8. Statgirl. She bores her enemies into submission with stats (mostly about the National debt). Thanks to her I know who every cent is owed to. We mostly keep her around, as she is Scargirl’s sister, and we have to keep her happy or lose my dashing good looks.

In her defense she defeated Lex Luthor once by making him decide he did not want to conqueror America and all of its debt, and made him too depressed with facts about his own debt.
She does all the work on our museum, which provides the money I use to whine on the internet all night.

9. Greek Lantern. He creates Greek Heroes to help him, but their exploits were greatly exaggerated. It turns out summoning a guy with a spear is not the best way to take on Mordru. Granted, this made him laugh hard enough that Scargirl could look at him.

My real beef with him is he is our leader, and he is always on my case. He keeps saying nonsense like I should help instead of criticizing the team on my laptop.

  1. Tourman- Our musuem tour guide who only works for one hour a day. He is very nice for that hour, but after that he is mean. He actually goes online and says mean things about me, Dr. Rate. The audacity.

  2. Starmax. He has the power of a star, all of it. If he uses it to stop a pickpocket he boils all the Earth Oceans. Statgirl and Greek Lantern convinced us to keep him around, because he is devoted to the team and to trashing our rivals.

  3. Michael Halt/Mr. Terrafic. He just tells villains to stop, and they ignore him. He is just a waste of space. Greek Lantern wanted him off the team, but I insist he stays so I can hide right behind the guy who no villain sees as a threat.

15. S.T.R.I.K.E. A giant robot that cannot hit a thing to save his life. He is only alive because his stepdaughters Statgirl and Scargirl constantly have to save him. [O.O.C- dealing with two Courtneys putting pineapples under his pillow also left him very sleep deprived].

Scargirl looked at him too hard causing flesh to grow over his eyes making him completely blind. He mostly just stumbles around blindly. All but his step-daughters want this useless lug off the team, but Scargirl threatened to look at us, and we have to obey her.

  1. Hawkgill- She is a fish, and she dates Hawkmat. Unfortunately she tastes delicious to his hawks making their dates very dangerous. All she does is make our third most powerful member have to hold back to avoid killing her.

  2. Dr. Rate. All I do is watch my teammates and judge them from a distance.

18. Wildcar. The world’s worst driver. He makes heavy weight accidents to prevent getaway cars from escaping. The second most hated member of the team, as the cities we battle in are already trashed (see below).
He is on the team, as we needed a driver. Before then we threatened people with vans to give us a ride or we remove Scargirl’s blindfold.
Protesters showed up about his recklessness, but I tricked Scargirl into looking out the window.

  1. The worst and most hated member of the team is Tower Girl. She makes giant towers fall on her enemies heads. The city she “protects” despises her. Thanks to her we do far more damage than we prevent. Worst of all she destroys my cell towers I need to post my yelp reviews.
    We keep her around, as Greek Lantern said we needed somebody really pretty for our group shots.

This is the power Ranking for the current members of The Justice Suciety of America. All I need to do is post the picture and…

I looked right into the image of Scargirl. I need a reflective surface.


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shayera hel: she packs one hell of a punch – maybe just one L of a punch