Change My Mind: Batman Belongs in Arkham Asylum

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He’s our favorite caped crusader, the one who embodies the night: he is the bat. But is he someone who belongs on the streets or walled up in an asylum? Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? He takes in young teens and endangers their lives while teaching them the art of violence, and that this special art will solve all of their problems. Must I bring up a certain Jason Todd and what happened to him because of our good and favorite Batman?

Not only does he teach violence to his acolytes, but he embodies it in every shape and form through the hospitalizations of his victims; make no mistake, if you get in Batman’s way, you’d better watch out. So, what’s the point of having a “no kill” policy when you’re functionally ending someone’s life by breaking every bone in their body? Dare I say their lives end up as a fate worse than death?

Artist: Marcelo Alves Rodrigues - Batman Psycho on ArtStation

We also must question what the law means to Batman. What does he follow and what does he throw out? We know for sure that he puts himself above the law, and that can be a real problem as it circumvents frameworks in place to make Gotham truly better. Now, it’s not okay when the Joker puts himself above the law, and it’s not okay when Batman does it either. A question you have to ask yourself is do the ends justify the means? And where do we draw the line, if so?

Finally, let’s not forget how he drives 100mph in a 40mph zone with that huge tank of a car he calls the Batmobile. My biggest fear is that, all along, his true goal was to be a taxpayer’s nightmare disguised as a bat suit… and he succeeded…

So in conclusion, Batman is a madman who needs a really good therapist and preferably supermanium steel bars surrounding him… change my mind!

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It would be more convenient for Batman as it would make it harder for the other inmates to escape Arkham.


What is crazy about dressing like a bat to punch people in the face and training every kid I find to do the same but dressed like a robin?


I love this idea!!! Will this be a weekly thing @LastSon0fMars?


Gotham itself is an open range mental asylum. The city took away Bruce’s parents and it didn’t improve or change one bit. Crime was running rampant and unchecked until the Batman showed up


Okay, as long as you put all of the other superheroes in there with him.

People try to make Batman out to be “crazy” or the bad boy of the big names, I guess because he wears dark colors and is kind of angry? But, like, Superman has intentionally killed people. Most of Superman’s fights end with at least a few buildings getting flattened. He drags his teenaged cousin, clone, and son into crimefighting, when their powers leave them not only at risk for themselves but make them a danger to those around them. But nobody tries to put Superman in Arkham.

Or Barry Allen; I’m being facetious about Superman to make a point, but Barry is a genuine menace to the spacetime continuum.


That’s not a bad point! He doesn’t like taking breaks anyways so it might be a perfect situation haha

:sob: Those poor kids

Well thank you :slight_smile: I’m going to play it by ear for now but I will say this… I have several more already planned and written up for the future!

What about that ole secret society that even Bruce had no clue about for the longest time? :owl: :owl: :owl:

Ohhh trust me, my friend. I have some words to say regarding both Supes and Barry. Look out for my future Change My Minds :smirk:


She looks happy to me.


Okay, counter-argument: nobody belongs in Arkham Asylum. It has never helped anyone.


marks his calendar for the Superman edition of Change My Mind

Say, ya got anything planned for Hal Jordan?

On account of how he wiped out an entire corps of intergalactic peacekeepers in the '90s.

As Joker said in Mask of the Phantasm, “Whoops!” :00_lc_green_lantern:


For how long, though :sob:

Great counter-argument! Where should someone like Victor Zsasz go? Is there a better alternative than Arkham Asylum? I would imagine the good citizens of Gotham would argue that their lives have been saved by locking away the crazy serial killers.

:smiling_imp: That’ll be a good one. As for Hal, I think I may be able to fit him in!


After getting shot in the head she is still happy.


Let it be known that I will have ample amounts of Chocos on-hand during your Superman sesh.

I shall also have gallons of your favorite beverage to drink Chocos with.

Am I bribing you to make your Superman piece something I will favorably respond to?

Damn right I am. :wink:

slides over a plate of Chocos

More where those came from. :grin:


Adding this tidbit in so the community can get involved! :slight_smile:

Right now we have Barry Allen from @BatJamags, Superman from @BatJamags & @Vroom, and Hal Jordan from @Vroom!


Everyone in Section Eight should be in jail.


Greatest superhero team of all time in my opinion.


agreed but i want to see @LastSon0fMars try to convince me otherwise


You did not change my mind because all the other crazies are still out there. If they can run rampant then Batman should be able to run rampant the other way.

Batman is kinda like Travis Bickle with a no kill policy.


From what I’ve seen it help’s Harley Quinn, I Think she could reintegrate into society pretty well as long as joker or poison ivy didn’t bring her back to crime.


Oh man Imagine an alien isolation type game but you’re an Arkham inmate trying to escape the asylum and stay away from Batman. The WB execs probably lurking in here better be writing this down.