chances of robin in batwoman cw show?

so I just seen a animated movie that nightwing and batwoman grew up together and that he had a crush on her so what the chances of him showing up in the batwoman cw series? Or is it a different version where batwoman doesn’t know him?

I think it’s unlikely we’ll see Dick Grayson show up on Batwoman, but if CW wants to give Kate a sidekick of her own I think it would be cool to introduce the Carrie Kelley Robin.


I think you’re thinking of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), not Batwoman (Kate Kane).


If u watch the animated movie with batwoman in it u will see what I’m talking about

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@thefallen50 Which one?

I wouod oove Kelly female Robin, it wil probably happen since CW is trying to make this a powerhouse women show

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would love*


Someone was watching Bad blood with taylor swift!

@awesome squid I believe it was batman bad blood