Chance Encounter: The Human Target's Unusual Suspects (Spoilers for The Human Target #1)

The new twelve-issue Human Target series from DC Black Label is the story of a slow, slow murder. One that the dying Christopher Chance has twelve days to solve, only because it’s the last thing left for him to do. “Human Target” is an apt name for what the man does, after all. Since his debut in 1972’s Action Comics #419, Christopher Chance has specialized in impersonating his clients and uncovering their would-be assassins by drawing himself into the line of fire.

In this month’s Human Target #1, drawn with an appropriately similar early ’70’s detective story aesthetic by Greg Smallwood, it’s a case impersonating Lex Luthor himself that proves to be Chance’s fatal one, succumbing to what evidence suggests is a poisoned coffee, containing trace particles from another dimension—a dimension which had only been visited by the roster of the Justice League International. Hard to believe, but that’s where the evidence lies. So the question is, which of these heroes tried to kill Lex Luthor? Or, perhaps, Christopher Chance? More clues will surely present themselves as the series continues, but…we have some early thoughts.

To read our case for each of the members of the Justice League, head over to DC Comics!

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I enjoyed the first book. The art is great and helps set the tone of the story. I am interested in who it was that poisoned him!


Loved Issue One.

The art was fantastic and Tom King excels at the 12 issue maxi-series format. Already wanting the second issue.


Agreed on both!!

I would love to have that picture of JL above as a wallpaper.


Great first issue. Looking forward to the rest of the series :100::+1:t3:


Tom King and framing Booster Gold for murder, name a more iconic duo. :rofl:

Seriously though, great first issue, definitely looking forward to seeing where it goes. :smiley: