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Hello all and welcome to the April session for the @CharactersOfDC Club. This month we will be taking a look at several stories that feature a team that, in my opinion, doesn’t get as much attention as it should.

You all know the drill by now. Every week for the next three weeks I’ll post that week’s issues to read and also include interesting bits of information as well as a a question or thought that came to me as I was reading those issues as a way of hopefully sparking discussion. So let’s get started.

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Since we are starting off a bit later than I intended this month because I had a really bad sinus infection I thought I would start this session not with a set of issues to read but just a question I would like to ask you all.

  • How familar are you with the Challengers of the Unknown and if you are what is your favorite story featuring them?

Next week we will begin our exploration of this team with Challengers of the Unknown series that began in 1958 and ran until 1978. Hope to see you there!


I have read stories with the Challengers, but I don’t really remember them, so it will be great to read some of their stories again.


Can I count this as my favorite Challengers story? :wink:




Sure can. I liked that one too.


Sorry you weren’t feeling well. I’ve been down with bronchitis, so I feel that.

I actually don’t know much about the challengers of the unknown. The name rings a bell, but I can’t tell you where I’m remembering it from. I’m excited to learn more about them this month.


One of my favorites as a kid, I will look forward to rereading.


So, as is always the case, we will begin our exploration of the Challengers of the Unknown with the earliest available stories to feature them as well as some links and other information on the team.



First Appearence

  • Showcase #6 (1957)


  • Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Original Team Members

Kyle “Ace” Morgan
Matthew “Red” Ryan
Leslie “Rocky” Davis
Walter Mark “Prof” Haley
June Robbins

Reading for This Week

* Challengers of the Unknown (1958) #1-4

Discussion Question

  • What do you think of the team so far and the stories that we read this week?

Next week we will take a look at this same series but at a later point in the 1970s.


And now from the other end of the spectrum for the original Challengers series my friends from the @CharactersOfDC Club. Enjoy!

What to Read

*Challengers of the Unknown (1977) #82-85

Discussion Point

What did you think of these issues compared to the four previous?


I don’t hate this the way I used to… it’s just, I liked Super-Team Family 8-10 so much better as a…shorter person.

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And here is our final reading for the month which covers 1997’s Challengers of the Unknown series by Steven Grant with pencils by John Paul Leon and inks by Shawn Martinbrough.

What to Read

* Challengers of the Unknown (1997) #1-4

Discussion Point

  • The Challengers go on some crazy and wild adventures and they always say they are on borrowed time. Would you want to be a member of this team?

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I enjoyed reading these issues, although they don’t seem to resolve everything. I guess that keeps things unknown. I would not want to be one of them because I like my life to be a lot more sane and ordered.

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I enjoyed reading this as well, not really the old Challangers but a bit grittier, for their era.

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Interesting! I’m all about discovering new people within the DCU.