Challenge of the Super Sons Discussion Thread

“The boys are back! Picking up where the sensational Adventures of the Super Sons left off, the son of Batman and the son of Superman are back in the spotlight and ready to give evil a good kick in the butt. But are Robin and Superboy in over their heads this time?! A mysterious woman from beyond time has appeared to the DCU’s favorite sons, and her arrival heralds certain DOOM (the’s a hint, everyone) of things to come!”

#1 came out this week, so what do we think?

Very happy and excited for this (DC never should have allowed Bendis to age Jon anyway :p) but was hoping it would be free here, for us subscribers. Maybe it will be free soon?
Not that it isn’t worth the price, because it is :slight_smile: I mean a buck? Heck yeah! But I’m just always looking for that cheaper option in this day and age :smiley:

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It’ll be here in six months or so, but like you said, it’s cheap now (even cheaper for Comixology Unlimited members), so why not? :clark_hv_4:

I really enjoyed the first issue. Looking forward to getting more of the Super Sons on a weekly basis.

@Vroom It will be here in 3 months.