Celebrating International Women's Day DC Style!

Today is March 8th, International Women’s Day! Women ROCK and so does DC! What are you doing to celebrate this schway day?

Here are but a few ways you can celebrate with all kinds of content right here on DC Universe:

Comic Books:

-Check out the International Women’s Day selection on the homepage for some fun and great reads with kick butt ladies, especially George Perez’s take on Wonder Woman.
-Join in this week’s Girl Power edition of Book Club where Batgirl (2000-2006) #'s 1-6 is the featured topic.
-Read The Authority, which is led by Jenny Sparks and features strong antagonists The Engineer, Swift and later on, Jenny Quantum
-Read JSA Classified #'s 1-4
-Read Power Girl #'s 1-12
-Read all of Gotham City Sirens
-Read Hawkgirl
-Read Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke’s Catwoman (2001) #'s 1-4
-Read Catwoman: When In Rome


-Watch the classic Wonder Woman TV series in beautiful HD.
-Watch 1992’s Batman Returns featuring Michelle Pfeiffer’s purrfectly slinky and seductive Catwoman
-Watch BTAS “The Cat and The Claw” (S1: E5 and 16), "Zatanna (S1: E54), “Harley and Ivy” (S1 E56), “Shadow of the Bat” (S1 E57 and 58) and “Batgirl Returns” (S2: E20)
-Watch Superman: The Animated Series’ “Little Girl Lost” (S2: E27 and 28)
-Watch The New Batman Adventures’ “Over The Edge” (E11), “Girls Nite Out” (E20) and “Mad Love” (E24)
-Watch Batman Beyond S1: E3 “Black Out” featuring the debut of Inque!
-Watch the Birds of Prey TV series, featuring Harley Quinn’s appearance in live action!
-Watch Justice League Unlimited’s “Hawk and Dove” (S1: E4), "This Little Piggy (S1: E5) and “To Another Shore” (S2: E4)

DC Universe Original content:

-Watch the “Hawk and Dove” episode of Titans (E2)
-Watch the first half of Young Justice: Outsiders, which features a bevy of great female characters
-For more YJ goodness, catch “Bringing Back Young Justice with Whitney Moore”
-Dive into the adventures of Crazy Jane and Rita Farr with Doom Patrol. It’s Friday and that means a new episode of this kooky and fun show debuts today (TGIF, right?). There’s also a wonderful Watch-Along for this week’s episode, tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Be there please, as there will be ample oodles of fun to be had!

The celebration continues into tomorrow morning where you can join this week’s Saturday Mornings Watch-Along in the TV and Film section. We’ll be watching the “Paradise Lost” (S1: E10 and 11) and “Fury” (S1: E16 and 17) episodes of Justice League, complete with a bowl of Apple Jacks brand cereal. It’s a tasty merging of must see TV and tasty cereal!

Those are a few ways to celebrate this GREAT day via DC Universe. What are your plans?


My todo list for the day:

  • Read Female Furies #2
  • Read Supergirl - Master of Illusion by Jo Whittemore
  • Write some reviews for the amazing Captain Marvel movie.
  • Watch the DC Superhero Girls premiere

To be honest that would have been my todo-list even if it wasn’t Women’s Day, but it’s on target for the occasion.


A couple more suggestions for the Comic Books category:

-Vixen: Return of the Lion
-Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E (great book to read ahead of the upcoming DCU Original Stargirl TV series)


psst…, maybe you should be kind to women today…

No, wait!

Here’s a rebellious idea!!

Be kind to women every day!

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@MH, you’re right. Ideally, everyone should be kind to everyone.

I read Vixen: Return of the Lion this morning. I hadn’t read it in years, so it was fun to revisit it. Very good mini!

@Coville Regarding Supergirl: Master of Illusion, how have the previous books in that Supergirl line been? I’ve thought of reading them, given my proclivity for the show.

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If you enjoy the show, I think you will enjoy the books. Jo captures the characters way of speaking very well, you can almost hear the actors in your head.

If you have read the comics (including Silver-age and matrix runs) there are a few deep cut nuggets in there, but nothing that is necessary for understanding. The books just assume that you have seen the show. I think they all take place after season 2 if memory serves me right.

Interesting. I’ll take a look at them on Hoopla.

Thanks =)

Ever since my wife and I watched the first Deadpool movie, she has a whole new idea on how to celebrate International Women’s Day :frowning:. I’ve gotta watch my back this time of year​:cry:

P.S. send help…


@OSG, Deathstroke is on the way =)