:wildstorm_universe: Celebrating 30 Years of WildStorm: Global Frequency, A Must-Read Spy Thriller :wildstorm_universe:


Good morning, comic fans. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discuss Global Frequency, a top-notch, tremendously-entertaining, 12 issue read that has spies, action, adventure and international espionage and intrigue galore in the wonderful WildStorm way.

New to the series? Already read it but want a refresh? Either way, the dossier below is for your eyes only:

This message will not self-destruct, but will instead remain, so that anyone can discuss the magnificently entertaining clandestine adventures found within Global Frequency to their heart’s content.

If you enjoy James Bond, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne and/or other spy-based tales such as Queen and Country, its a good bet that you will absolutely LOVE Global Frequency.

The world turns it eyes to you now, as “You’re on the Global Frequency.”


I love this series, and its concept of what I like to call “open source superheroics.” No tights or capes in sight, but athletes and operatives coordinating with experts in the fields addressing the given crisis at hand. Just an amazing piece of work. I wish there were more than twelve stories.


Exactly! Global Frequency is most definitely a “everyday man/woman pulled from the streets and into extraordinary circumstances” series, and readers of all backgrounds can identify with the given protagonists and what they’d do in similar circumstances.

Agreed on both points. If someone were to revive Global Frequency (either as a continuation that picks up from the original series, or an all-out reboot), I would absolutely read it.


Also: The cool jackets.