:wildstorm_universe: Celebrating 30 Years of WildStorm: Ex Machina :wildstorm_universe:


When an accident gives Mitchell Hundred amazing powers, he becomes America’s first living super-hero. Eventually tiring of risking his life merely to help maintain the status quo, he retires from crimefighting and runs for Mayor of NYC, winning by a landslide. And that’s where his adventure begins…

Brian K. Vaughan is a name known to many for his DC work on (among other titles) Batman, Wonder Woman and of course, Y: The Last Man (you may have also heard of an Image book he writes called Saga :wink:).

If this highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite series is brand-new to you, then check out the book that was one of the 2000s best comics (regardless of publisher), Brian K. Vaughan’s masterful Ex Machina:

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