🟣 ⚫ Celebrating 30 Years of Stephanie Brown ⚫ 🟣

Fans of Stephanie Brown rejoice, for she turns the big 3-0 this month! :partying_face:

Whether you like her as Spoiler, Robin or Batgirl (or better yet, all three), share your love for Ms. Brown and her adventures down below in the thread that is specifically dedicated to celebrating her 30th anniversary (m’kay, @millernumber1? :wink:)!

Are you new to Steph? Check out her first appearance here…

…and check out her first appearance as Spoiler here:


HOORAY for the best character in comics! :slight_smile: I really adore her original origin story (though this is not at all to disparage Batman Eternal, which I also love!). Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle tell a classic, well crafted story of Batman and Robin doing detective work on a series of mysterious “clues” - unravelling the mystery of the Cluemaster and the strange new Spoiler! A three issue arc that was originally intended to be nothing more than a fun adventure, with great craftsmanship and character writing, became so much more because of the organic growth of Steph from one off antagonist/heroine, to supporting character, to long term love interest and heroine, to tragedy, to triumph, to tragedy again (curse you, n52!), to triumph again!


Additional points of interest for new fans:

The beginning of Steph’s tenure as Robin:

Her debut as Batgirl:

Her New 52 debut:

Her Rebirth debut (a favorite of mine):


Her part in Detective Comics Rebirth was pretty cool! Also a big favorite of mine!


Not to throw shade Tom King’s way, but Rebirth 'Tec was THE Bat-book of Rebirth. I loved every issue as they came out, and I still love it all today.


Happy Anniversary Stephanie Brown :tada:


Steph’s two action figures:

DC Direct (2010)

Mattel (2019, exclusive to Walmart)

Two is definitely better than none, but it would be nice to see her in plastic more, especially in the classic Spoiler garb, as well as Robin.


I haven’t read much of Stephanie’s title books (which I need to, I know) but I always have fun and feel joy whenever she makes an appearance in stories, and I can’t deny just how awesome she truely is. I understand completely why way back in the day, her fans sent the writers waffles and letters asking them to bring her back (I don’t remember exactly who the writers were, I apologize). If that doesn’t show just how beloved she is by fans, then I don’t know what does.

Stephanie is amazing, and I’m glad that the first official female Robin in canon contunuity was her :purple_heart::black_heart:


The waffles deal is making me think I should have waffles for dinner tonight, in celebration of Steph.

If only one could find purple and black maple syrup…


This fills my heart with joy! Vroom, ever awesome, has given some great links to check out!




Agreed. I definitely want to read her Batgirl series, for sure. I definitely love her in the Webtoon comic :blush:


Should we talk about War Games, or…just focus on Steph’s happy times?


We could wait for the 20 year anniversary of that…event. :slight_smile: I personally do love her short time as Robin, with the exception of the end of it (I bought the first two issues, but not the last one). And I honestly think that it’s very important in Steph’s history, as without the sense that DC and Batman had treated her unfairly, I don’t know if she would have the “oomph” for editorial to promote her to Batgirl.

Plus, her struggles are part of what make us love her, right?


Certainly. Can’t have the good without the bad, after all.

starts to hear the Facts of Life theme song in his mental sponge

:notes: “You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life! The facts of life!” :notes:

Noooo! :sob:

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Someone mentioned waffles for dinner?


Young man, don’t you put your toys next to food! :sweat_smile:

Go to your room, go! :smiley:

mn1 goes to his room as I sneak some sausage, and then go to his room

Hey dude, you got any more of this sausage? Its really good!


I took my food to my room, oops. :wink:

I do have more! It was on sale at the grocery store!

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Righteous! Well, you just go ahead and make it, and I’ll have a seat.

“Gee, invite yourself right in, won’t you?”

Thank you, fellow Steph fan. You are Kind with a capital “K”. :hugs:

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I just take after my heroine! She would always share her waffles and sausage!

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