💚 💚 Celebrating 15 Years of Green Arrow and Black Canary 🖤 💙


Time sure flies doesn’t it, @JusticeLeagueBookClub. One moment, the Emerald Archer and Sonic Siren are doing their own thing and the next, they’re getting hitched in 2007! :wedding: :bride_with_veil: :person_in_tuxedo:t2:

To celebrate 15 years since Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen first tied the knot (which eventually came untied for…reasons :smirk:), check out the lead-up to their wedding in the Green Arrow and Black Canary: Wedding Special one-shot and their initial adventure as newlyweds in Green Arrow and Black Canary #s 1-4, all of which can be found right here :point_down:t2::

Also! Be sure to toast the happy couple in this watch-along:

Let’s raise a glass and toast the Emerald Archer and Sonic Siren on the page, and on-screen! :clinking_glasses:


Yes! My favorite couple in all of comics!


Welcome, @mattmcg87! :wave:t2: :clark_hv_4:

I’m guessing with Dinah and Ollie as your favorite couple that you’ve read Green Arrow and Black Canary?


I sure have! It’s been a little while though. I discovered it here on DC Universe Infinite! Back when it was just DC Universe lol. I’ll read just about anything featuring GA and BC.


Fantastic! No time like the present for a re-read, y’know. :wink:

Cool! I always enjoy hearing about noteworthy series that folks initially discover on DCUI (or DCU, back when it was a thing).

I read Green Arrow and Black Canary as it came out at retail in single issues, and very much enjoyed it, overall. It has a few bumps in the road, but by and large, it hit the bullseye in what I wanted from a book that starred Ollie and Dinah.

I will say though, that my absolute all-time favorite series to star the two was the Rebirth volume of Green Arrow, which went on to become my all-time favorite Green Arrow series in general. Benjamin’s run on it is just perfect, and always a gem of a re-read.


Congratulations Ollie and Dianah

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Don’t let Ollie see you called her that, or he might not let you have seconds on his kick-ass chili. :wink:

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By the by, here’s a part of Ollie and Dinah’s wedding that’s worth a read, but sadly isn’t yet available in digital (easy enough to find, though):

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