Celebrate Supergirls 60th Birthday

Hi everyone and Happy Batman 80th

This year it’s also Supergirl’s 60th Birthday, and while her first appearance in Action Comics 252 is marked as the May issue, it seems that the on-sale-date according to GCD was March 31st. With DC only focusing on Superman and Batman’s Birthdays and not giving any indication on when to celebrate the Girl of Steel on her 60th anniversary, it seems like Supergirl fans are looking to March 31st as her 60th Birthday.

That’s tomorrow!

There seems to be nothing planned with watchalongs and celebrations and special issues for Kara’s 60th, so I put together a list of some of her appearances you can watch here and for free on youtube.

If you are a fan or maybe you haven’t seen much but is still curious about the character - why not delve into the Girl of Steel on her 60th?

With that said - Happy Birthday Kara!

Here are some of her adventures


Animated Movies:

Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Superman Unbound

Animated Series:

Superman the Animated Series S02E27 Little Girl Lost Part I

Superman the Animated Series S02E27 Little Girl Lost Part II

Superman the Animated Series S03E10 Unity

Superman the Animated Series S03E12 Legacy Part I

Superman the Animated Series S03E12 Legacy Part II

The New Batman Adventures S01E20 Girls Night Out

Justice League Unlimited S01E01 Initiation

Justice League Unlimited S01E06 Fearful Symmetry

Justice League Unlimited S01E24 Panic in the Sky

Justice League Unlimited S02E03 Chaos at the Earth’s Core

Justice League Unlimited S02E10 Far from Home

DC Super Hero Girls S02E01 New Beginnings

DC Super Hero Girls S02E02 Hero of the Month

DC Super Hero Girls S02E03 Batgirl vs Supergirl

DC Super Hero Girls S02E06 Licence to Fly

DC Super Hero Girls S02E09 Doubles Trouble

DC Super Hero Girls S03E01 Batnapped

DC Super Hero Girls S03E03 Tales from the Kryptomites Part I

DC Super Hero Girls S03E03 Tales from the Kryptomites Part II

DC Super Hero Girls S03E05 Seeing Red

DC Super Hero Girls S03E07 Around Metropolis in 80 seconds

DC Super Hero Girls S03E25 Dog Day After School

DC Super Hero Girls S03E26 It’s a Superful Life

DC Super Hero Girls S04E07 Gone to the Dogs Part I

DC Super Hero Girls S04E07 Gone to the Dogs Part II

DC Super Hero Girls S05E04 Bottle Episode

DC Super Hero Girls S05E21 Fortress of Solidarity

DC Super Hero Girls S05E18 For the Girl Who Has Everything

Justice League Action: The Goddess Must be Crazy

Super Best Friends Forever S01E01 Invisible Joy Ride

Super Best Friends Forever S01E03 Grounded

Super Best Friends Forever S01E04 Name Game

Super Best Friends Forever S01E05 Solomon Grundy No Fight Girls

DC Super Hero Girls Meet Supergirl

DC Super Hero Girls Shorts - Supersleeper

DC Super Hero Girls Shorts - Streetstyle

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Trading Places

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Supergirl Gets Angry

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Super Powered Burp

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Furies vs Supers

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Kara vs Flash

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Kara inspires Batgirl

Lego DC Superhero Girls – Kara is No 1 Opposite Direction Fan

Lego Galactic Wonder

Last but not least, here are her comics available on DC Universe:


Why not start with her first appearance in Action Comics 252:


They have 7 issues of her beginnings in New 52


And the start of her Rebirth run as well:



Didn’t realize it was her 60th Birthday, that’s awesome! Shame DC doesn’t call out milestones like that, although being the same year as Batman’s is probably bad timing. Well happy 60th Girl Of Steel!


Cool. Happy Birthday, Kara!


Very cool, I’ll be sure to read some of those comics tomorrow


Thanks for putting this together, Coville!

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awesome list, thanks … plus tomorrow night’s live-action episode, can’t wait to celebrate

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Happy birthday, Kara! And thank you for making us aware of this historic milestone, Coville. I think I’ll celebrate by rewatching Little Girl Lost.

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Happy birthday Kara! Thanks for putting this together. Definitely gonna read some Supergirl tomorrow and of course catch the new episode.

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My beautiful Kara turning 60 and the sun keeps her from aging.

Happy Birthday to my Kara <3


Many thanks for this post! #Supergirl60

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Thank you very much for an excellent post and putting the spotlight on another DC super star that is celebrating a well deserved major anniversary this year!

I think I’ll re-watch the STAS two-parters that featured Supergirl. They’re quite wonderful.

While we have a decent amount of Supergirl comics on the service right now, just imagine all of the Supergirl titles/runs/related content that will be here soon once the full digital library is up! I’m thinking:

-The Daring Adventures of Supergirl
-the Peter David series
-her 2005-2011 ongoing
-Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes
-the entirety of her New 52 ongoing
-Justice League United
-Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix
-Convergence: The Adventures of Superman
-the Rebirth ongoing up to a year ago

All of that material will allow us to continue the Maid of Might/Girl of Steel’s anniversary well into the rest of the year. Go Kara/Linda/Matrix!


For my part, I’ve written 5 Supergirl themed questions for today’s “ANSWER… THE QUESTION!” round.


Happy Birthday, Kid.

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I’ve tagged the CW show and Melissa a couple of times on Twitter, hoping that the show will do something to acknowledge the anniversary tonight.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Supergirl! #Supergirl60


Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us @Coville. I bookmarked this thread so fast !

Happy birthday, Supergirl!


Thank you all. Really happy to see others love for the character.

Thank you Mark for the hashtag. Lots of love being shared on Twitter under #Supergirl60 today, from both fans, artists and writers. I hope we get to see something from DC officially before the end of the day as well.

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Now, if DC would reprint her Adventure Comics’ run