CBS Greenlights "Secret Six" series.

I don’t know about you guys, but Bill Lawrence being attached makes me feel confident in the series. I loved Scrubs amd Clone High.


Damn, there’s a typo. I wish I could edit posts.


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Knowing the writer for Suits is attached makes this news a lot more interesting to me. I don’t know how to feel about Deadshot possibly being in it if he’s also in Suicide Squad. It will make it confusing for people that he’s part of so many teams.

Will this also move to the CW for season two? :relieved:

Please let it be on CBS All Access and not the network.

CBS network can’t pull this off. It will be a watered down bad guy version of the A Team.

If it’s on CBS All Access, ain’t gonna watch it. I already paid for a DC app for a year, I’m not buying CBS for one show and the rest will be wasted. I want to see it but I can always wait till it comes out on Digital and just buy the season pass.

Knowing CBS, it won’t pull the numbers they want, and then they’ll cancel it, and either this app, or the CW will save it