Cause of YOU!.

The last few days I been Enjoying Two Activities I rarely Do… looking .at (The Idiot Box) Watching TV and Being on the Phone. I don’t like doing either one But Cause of YOU ( DC ) I’ve been Enjoying The DC universe from my Phone, ME! ME! The ONE that Doesn’t Like Watching T.V or Being on the Phone. I’M Doing Them Both ( Literally ) at The Some Time… Congratulations DC You Got My Attention Now That You Have It How are You Going To Keep It!?.

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I have also been spending too much time on this DC Universe service, but at least I am getting my money’s worth. :slight_smile:

As for keeping me, that depends on how they go forward from here. Looks good so far, and it looks like more good things are coming this way, but they will have to keep that up for years to come for this to work in the long-term. I hope they can.



Yea because of this app not my comic book list has shorten because I had a long lists of comics to buy, and with being a teen without a job it’s hard, but thanks to dc universe my list has shorten and now I can start buying the newer stuff. Thanks dc

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sorry I meant now not…not (lol you know what I mean)

Your point?

Yep, I have to agree. The service is good. I’ll be making my decision to stay after the 15-month period is finally up. So far my only complaint is the lack of comics. They’re making good strides, but we still only have access to about 25%. And that 25% rotates, which is not a good thing in my book. And the rotation is based on popularity, which is also not a good thing in my book.

There are a huge amount of underappreciated and forgotten gems in DC’s comic library. And because they’re forgotten, they’re not popular. And since they’re not popular, we’ll never get a chance to see them. Most of the popular stuff is at the local bookstore and online libraries, or bring made into movies.

Yeah I’m really enjoying it as well. I don’t buy many comics any more. I tend to only buy the collected volumes. But with this app i can read stories i haven’t been able to afford.