Catwoman's Jazz

Hello Catwoman fans! I’m wondering if anyone can recall the scene in the 2002-2010 run of Catwoman by Brubaker et al., wherein Bruce visits Selina’s digs, and he’s looking through her music collection and names a jazz artist with surprise. She says she mostly likes the artist’s material from… I think she says the mid. '70s (late '70s, perhaps?). I’m trying to recall which jazz artist this was, and I cannot for the life of me even remember which TPB this scene is in, much less which issue. Thus, I am reaching out to see if anyone out there recalls the location of the scene in question, and the name of the jazz artist referenced. Thank you in advance!


Found it! In Catwoman #32:


Thank you so much, @HubCityQuestion !!!


Any time! Love a good DC research question.


I thought it would be fun to put together a playlist on Spotify called “Selina Kyle’s Playlist”, and I want to start with artists and songs referenced in her comic books. So far, I have the song: “Je ne t’aime pas” (I can’t remember where this was referenced), and the artists Ute Lemper (she’s wearing a t-shirt that references her in one issue), John Coltrane, & '70s-erra Don Cherry (the last 2 coming from the page you found for me!).
I have the same username on Spotify, if anyone wants to find the playlist: ThulrVO

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I’d make sure to add “Some of These Days,” from Tom King’s Batman Annual #2!


Of course, thanks @HubCityQuestion !

Hello all! I have a Catwoman song mystery for you all! I wonder if anyone can identify the song these lyrics were taken from or reference? The page is from Morrison’s Batman Omnibus, Vol. 3.

Ah Ha! I came upon this as I came to the end material of Vol. 3… Grant gave us the answer.

The lyrics are from Paul Whiteman’s version. I found it on Spotify.