Selina Kyle is awesome! I want more of her and Babs. I also wish they’d bring back the Huntress from the Hush series.

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Benes rocks

Agreed on Selina and Barbara.

Huntress’ Hush costume…never write liked that one, it really didn’t fit who she was established to be as a character, IMO. Plus it seemed weird that considering her big moment in No Man’s Land, where she’s shot in the stomach protecting a children’s wars from the Joker, she would then to have a costume with an ab window.


I just hope they do Catwoman and Batmans relationship right in the upcoming adaptations. And I love Babs, I have my own little ginger Batgirl at home, but I would really like more diverse DC heroines Zatanna, Power Girl, Bumblebee or Wondergirl in future movies.

Zatanna is a great character! I love here history! When it ties to Bruce Wayne!

Her history

Yeah that Hush era Huntress costume was dreadful. I wonder what the rationale was for changing it.