Catwoman, Zoe Kravitz on Hot Ones

Has anyone watched this yet? My goddess. I cant wait to see her Catwoman suit. Are you excited for her casting? Nervous? Give it a watch if you haven’t.

My favorite moment

Sean Evans: What fanbase is more intense? Harry Potter fans or X-men fans?
Zoe Kravitz: Batman fans


Love that show, she was great, took those wings like a champ. Only things I’ve seen her in are x-men and mad max. Don’t really have an opinion on her acting chops but after seeing her on hot ones she seems very likable, not that that matters but hope she knocks it out of the park and after seeing this feel she not only has the look but I felt she can capture the strong and sassy traits of catwoman.

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Ahhh she’s such a babe, and her personality makes her even more attractive. Loved how she said batman fans were the most intense haha.

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