Catwoman when is it going to be remade

When are they going to do a real remake of Catwoman.? What we need is a true BatCat story that’s going to be with the current Batman. I have loved this pairing for several decades and have gotten addicted to the TV show Gotham because they did a good job of portraying the origins of all the villains .


Not soon enough that’s for sure.

I’d love another Catwoman movie. I don’t even need a movie trailer :rofl:. All they have to do is say the Catwoman movie premieres on date X, and I’d buy the ticket.

I’m curious when the movie we have will be frisbeed into space by NASA, archive prints and all.

Maybe The Batman will serve as a launching pad for a new Catwoman, who will then get her own movie.


Hopefully they never “remake” that horrid movie and instead do an original story based on the DC comics character, Catwoman/Selina Kyle.


After Joker I’d expect, nobody in hollywood knows how well a villain movie will perform at the box office. Plus it would have to come after the DCEU reboot since there will be a new Batman, Superman, and who knows what else will change.

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Who would best play her? Halle Berry ruined the character, though that was more the fault of the writer and director. But physically she was a good fit. Anne Hathaway, no. And Michelle Pfeiffer didn’t really do the part justice. Now Camren Bicondova brought a physical prowess to the role due to her career as a gymnast, I think. And the part calls for that. Like Batman, Catwoman is a normal human being who can hold her own in a room full of supers due to her physical training, boldness and skills. We’d want a fitness model/gymnast type to pull it off. Also black hair and green eyes are a must.

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@nathanleeturner Years ago, I thought Anglelina Jolie would have made a great Catwoman.

Ruby Rose could do well, but I’m not sure how interested she’d be in playing two different female characters in the Batman universe at the same time.

Maybe Summer “Firefly/Serenity” Glau? She’s got some experience in high-kicking action and with DC as well.

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Are you trying to tell me that you don’t believe the Halle Berry movie is an absolute classic that should never be touched? Why, it would be like remaking the Godfather or Citizen Kane! It–

Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face for that. And yeah, Summer Glau could make a pretty schway Catwoman.


@Vroom Angelique Jolie, in her “Tomb Raider” prime would have been perfect for the role. The sexy smile, the predator’s eyes. Now Ruby Rose, maybe, definitely a better Catwoman then Batwoman. Another underutilized actress who would have been perfect, a few years ago is Jamie Pressly, not only was she super hot she was a skilled martial artist.

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@nathenleeturner Right? Early '00’s Angelina Jolie would have been the (wait for it) cat’s meow. As long as the movie was good, audiences would have purred for her Catwoman.

I could see Jamie Pressly too, as I don’t think she’s been in a big action movie. Plus, if she was in a DC flick then that’d be another career commonality for her and Chris Evans (her co-star from Not Another Teen Movie, who was in The Losers).

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I say leave that trainwreck dead and buried. Start fresh with a different Catwoman, like Selina Kyle.

They would have to. I think the original version did so bad that producers are going to shy away from another solo flick for another long, long while. It would be great , though, if they went fitbit and didn’t right this time.