Catwoman Sketch Cover

Hey Everyone!

Here is Catwoman sketch cover that I did a while back.



Great job on the pose! I don’t know what you would call the term but great job on the shading to get her suit to look shinny.


Agreeing with Aquamon - great shading! What kind of markers do you use?


Thanks Everyone! I used a combination of Bianyo (for the darker values) & Comic Markers (for the lighter values).

@SRTLOWE , here is Catwoman.

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Really like the contrast of the white background with the black suit.

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Thanks!! I really like this one.

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I love seeing all of your sketch covers and reading how you go about making them. They ll look incredible, and I could easily see them being the actual comic book cover. You’ve given me a lot of inspiration for when I manage to get my hands on some blank variants!


Thank you, that means a lot! Everyone in the community has been amazing and very receptive to my work, and that is inspiring to me.