Catwoman: Lonely City #2 (12/21/21) Spoilers Ahead


If Selina Kyle is going to break into the Batcave at her advanced age, she’s going to need a crew to help…and luckily for her, some of Gotham’s craftiest former villains have time on their hands and bills to pay. But who is the mysterious OGBeast? And with political pressure mounting, how long will Mayor Harvey Dent let this cat stay out of the big house?

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Variant C

Book One Discussion:


issue two is interesting because we have a definitive timeline for the first time in one of these future stories. I also love the superhero merch warn and hope DC copies the designs and sells them in the official shop. (DC please take my money and let me buy some of this merchandise.) Catwoman’s new cowl seems to reference both B: TAS’s half reboot black suit…and batman’s own cowl.

This also builds on Selina’s what might have been moments with the introduction of the riddler’s daughter. Eddy is revealed to have been an addict to stimulants (not really all that new) and is now clean and sober for 12 years…but also is a widow and the loss of his wife is what caused him to stop being the riddler.

I like that Selina first meets bruce well in the Catsuit from Batman 66 in their first meeting. However, we also get references to the brighter silver age.

OGBeast is interesting and not what you would think, it’s where the supervillains of Gotham got all of their toys. =).

…poor Poison ivy…she lost her Harley and took it hard…I love what she does to make money…Tim Drake would be her best customer. :grin:

A bit of speculation: I am getting the feeling Selina will finish the job but will not survive to the end, but a new Catwoman will rise to take her place