Catwoman: Hunted Discussion Thread

Cool, thanks! Would the Feline Femme Fatale be on the DKR blurays?

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No, it’s not. I think it was released when DKR was put on HBO Max which was only in the last six months ( i can’t remember when it was put on HBO max other than that timeline)


Catwoman hunted is Now on HBO Max.

If this does take place in Young Justice world it has to be before the current season. PS: The one thing I did not like was Selina constantly giving her name as its not really something she would do.


I liked it! I thought Elizabeth Gillies was a fantastic Selina and I’m always in for a globe trotting adventure. Here are some stray thoughts in a bulleted list:

  • I thought the opening scene was charming with the masquerade ball setting.
  • The mouth flaps are just slightly off and I found it really distracting in the first action sequence.
  • Love the idea of teaming up Batwoman and Catwoman. Loved the nod to Selina’s bisexuality.
  • The animation is gorgeous except when it goes 3D.
  • I’ve never heard of King Faraday had to look him up. I’m always excited by deep cuts like this.
  • Barbara’s pointy ears don’t work for me.
  • I did not care for Nosferata. She took me out of the movie. I can’t pinpoint why.
  • I enjoyed it far more than I thought it would!