catching up to rebirth, help

Anyone know offhand the recommended reading to catch up to the events on Rebirth? Really digging it but I feel like I’m missing the how.

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It depends on what franchises and characters you want to catch up with.

The only 100% essential Rebirth read is the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot. After that, you can go where you want.


I wouldn’t worry about the Doomsday Clock stuff because that doesn’t affect the DC Universe yet. If you really wanna follow the rebirth plots as seen in the one shot, I’d recommend

Action Comics
Detective Comics
The Flash

Those kinda continue those arcs and characters. Once you get past The Button, I’d say start reading Doomsday Clock

Just brought up to top

Nathan.Payson recommendations for rebirth.

He has various lists from minimal to comprehensive.

Thanks @turok.

He bumped up my reading order for rebirth with a variety of options. From fast tracks to character specific reading orders, and even reading order for the “families” of rebirth (super…, bat…, flash/teen Titans, and Green Lantern)

Best part is it’s updated as new comics come to DCU.