Catalog of DC Live-Action Universes

Like TV shows in the 90’s & 2000’s have done when they got shows in different universe’s but want to do a crossover, they use the old wormhole portal plot, for example Fairy Odd Parents crossover with Jimmy Neutron. So lets track the DC TV shows universes with their alleged numbers. Please help me fill in the blanks:

DCEU earth #0 and Negative earths (presumably)

Arrowverse #1 (earth 1 is prime earth post crisis)
(Arrowverse also includes #2, #3, #12, #13, #22, #24, #25 & #47, etc.)

DC universe/Titanverse pre-crisis #9

DC Universe post crisis

Titanverse #9

Swap Thingverse #19 (since post crisis)

Doom Patrol #21 (since post crisis)

SupergirlVerse #38 (now prime earth post crisis)

Green Lantern (possible DC HBOverse) #12

60’s Batman TV show #66

Black LightningVerse ? (Now prime earth post crisis)

90’s Flash show #90

Kingdom Come universe #96

SmallvilleVerse #167

Birds of Prey universe #203

VertigoVerse #666

Also, what do you think of the tired old getting 2+ different tv show universes to crossover for the sake of a crossover?

FYI both prime earth and earth prime reference the exact same earth.

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90s Flash was Earth-90 in last year’s crossover.


Updated the list.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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Burtonverse - 89
1966 Batman - 66
Smallville - 167
Donnerverse/Kingdom Come Universe - 96

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If the result of COIE is all CWVERSE shows end up on a single earth, I think rather than big crossovers, you’ll see team-ups. Such as when Flash & Supergirl had the Music Maestro “we’re in a musical” type team ups. Or Flash or Supergirl doing team-up episodes with each other show over the course of a season. If they are all in one earth, the need to crossover is less but the ability to team-up is easier.

Are you going to include the comic book crossover? In Giant #1 they had Earth F for the Fleisher cartoon universe, N52 for the new 52 universe, Earth 177? I believe, for the Linda Carter Wonder Woman universe and I believe there were several others mentioned. Or are you just doing the actual tv show?

Just the actual TV Shows.

Supergirl show runners are different then Arrowverse show runners to be fair. Same goes for Smallville show runners.

Different in what way? Each show has its specific show runners. The statement of making Kate/Kara as the new Oliver/Barry relationship in the CWVERSE came from the overall show runner for COIE. Which, to me, is showing a top level CWVERSE show runner looking after the other show runners to establish and maintain a certain degree of continuity between all the CWVERSE shows.

They never did do a Microverse with Ray Palmer in any of the shows, crossover or regular did they?

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Arrowverse show runners are men & women currently in their 30’s & 40’s, while Supergirl show runners are over age 50 white guys (but they were as young as 45 when making the first season of Supergirl).

The only thing in common is 2 executive producers, and even that seemed to be for the purpose of easy copyright access to the character: Supergirl, because they already had an actress & costume. But it didn’t come easy because the show runners of Supergirl demaded a crossover with Flash first, for season 1 of their show, and then they would allow Arrowverse to use their Supergirl all they want post season 1 of Supergirl.

Heck, if I didn’t know better, I would suspect the Supergirl show runners wanted to make a live-action superman show and just settled for Supergirl and then just make it about Superman as much as possible.

I mean Warner Bros. clearly doesn’t trust anyone to make a straight up Superman nor Batman Live-Action series right, and I don’t blame them.

The one good that came after the Supergirl series is realizing they need to redo the character entirely from the ground up with all these beta testing, i.e. DC Super Hero Girls cartoon where she’s pack with muscles and is a rocker and the new Supergirl comic books where she comes to earth at 16 years old now

It seems like Supergirl is in the same position as Marvel’s Iron Heart, because these characters have a long way to go in development until there’s a standard for them.

I don’t care for the copy & pasting of Ghost Spider’s personality on all these DC superheroine characters, I mean all of them being rock artist from Black Canary to Supergirl and so fort. Its a good personality, but by applying it to all female characters it will be the new generic superheroine persona, and I don’t want that to happen.

They need to give these DC female superhero characters different personalities per character. They do it with male superheroes, so it shouldn’t be hard to do it with female superheroes.

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sadly not. To be fair he’s the only character who can shrink. But yeah, a complete and total wasted opportunity. They could of done at least1 episode.

And now I hear their killing Atom off.

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To me they dropped the ball when they switched to fighting solely Black Magic on Legends. I was telling everyone this is gonna be JLD. Or at the least a spin-off. Next season they add Constantine & whole season is gonna be based on Black Magic. I was thinking, I told ya’. Never did, it was all set up. Any executive with minor DC knowledge would’ve saw that opportunity a mile away.

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It seems like the Show Runners of Supergirl, who never wanted to make a Supergirl series and always wanted to make a Superman series, have gotten their wish.

I hear news they are making a “Superman & Louis” show.

I’m guessing its probably gonna be something like the Adventures of Louis & Clark from the 90’s but with the characters from the Supergirl series. Essentially a reboot i suppose.

I seriously doubt this. They tried to see if an S on the chest would draw enough ratings for CBS that first seasonA failed experiment, but they drew CW type numbers and moved the show where it probably should have gone anyway.

It is clearly a female lead based show. That is in keeping with CW preference over the last several years. Have as many female leads as possible. Next season, we will see Batwoman, Supergirl, LoT (because, let’s face it, Sara is the lead in that show) vs Flash and Black Lightning. So 3 female leads over two male leads.

If the Canaries spin-off happens, that’s 4-2, if Stargirl gets picked up by CW for a second season that’s 5-2. If they do a Superman show it’s gonna be “Lois & Clark with a baby” so that is really a shared lead. That brings us to 6-3. A 2-1 ratio of female leads to male leads, that is planning and specific effort. And that’s just the CWVERSE. (I don’t follow other CW shows, but I would hazard a guess that If you really sat down and analyzed it, that ratio is probably true across the board on CW.)

This is no ding on CW or CWVERSE. Merely an observation about how they are positioning shows, likely for their largest and most stable demographic.

Supergirl, from the start, even on CBS, was female to female relationship focused. Supergirl/Kara and Alex sister relationship, Kara & Kat and Supergirl & Kat. They threw in the “unrequited love interest with both Kara/James and Wynn/Kara. Another archetype used in more female targeted programming. When they moved to CW, they let Alex get “out of the closet”. Better done and likely more acceptable on the CW network than CBS and now have introduced Dreamer as an openly trans character.

This is not a path, with characters & character relationships you would get in a Superman centric show. So to say they just wanted to do Superman and settled for Supergirl, I just don’t think that argument holds when looking at the shows characters and character development. It was meant from the start to be a female lead show.

Again, no knock on CW. Quite the opposite actually, a “tip of the cap” for choosing to do what other broadcast networks don’t, which is have more female leads than male leads & and have major characters who are not straight. CW has a plan for what kind of show formula(s) they want and has had success with those formula(s) so far. I also see no reason for this to change either.

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Jay Garrick Flash -Earth 2

Seems to be missing from the list.

Also from the Council of Wells

Harrison Wolfgang Wells -Earth 12
Wells 2.0 - Earth 22
H. Lothario Wells -Earth 47
H.P. Wells -Earth 25
Sonny Wells - Earth 24
Wells the Grey - Earth 13

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Well, there’s a difference between the shows writers & directors; who actually want to make a Supergirl show, and the show runners who set up the character as someone who comes to earth at 10 years having Superman being the first person on earth she sees and ends up looking up to him all the time and wanting to become like him. Not to mention Martian Manhunter hand-holding her like he’s her babysitter. And don’t get me started on what’s the deal with the slow-motion up-skirt shots…i mean what is the point of that exactly (not that i don’t like, but it has no reason to be in a series unless its a porn series).

Two different visions of the show coming from 2 directions. You can tell what parts are the writers/directors, and what parts are the show runner’s calling the shots, especially because the show runners have authority over the others for what goes.

Anyways i like all these shows excluding Supergirl. I’m also disappointed at Titans because each season starts great but ends on a semi weak note, and always each season doesn’t have enough happening in it, where i feel short-changed. Legends of Tomorrow is amazing but i wonder how much more bigger can they go in newer seasons. Sara as the leader makes sense in LoT. Love Batwoman and only found episode 3 being weak. I honestly don’t care about the creed of the characters, just make it epic for its concept.

Looking forward to the Mia Smoak series, it should be like Green Arrow but more advance, or so i assume. Plus its great we get a new Green Arrow series that continues the Adventures of Green Arrow. Loved what i saw from the future scenes in Arrow, its a nice set up to work with. Star Girl looks good, but i won’t be certain until i see season 1, but love what I’ve seen in the trailer.

Also, weren’t we supposed to get Cyborg in Titans?

Those earths were created by Arrowverse show runners. And might technically be a part of the Arrowverse. I’m going by TV shows. Also Jay Garrick is earth 3.

Jesse quick is earth :earth_americas: 2.

There’s also the one Gypsy from. Can’t remember, maybe earth 19.

But i guess I’ll mention them as honorable mentions in the OP of this thread anyway. I guess the Arrowverse is a multiverse after all, even if the other shows are only 1 universe each, LOL. Kinda like how Yugioh & GX are just the fusion universe, while Yugioh 5Ds is just the synchro universe, while Yugioh Zexel is a multiverse with Xyz and Astral and Barian world, LOL.

There now needs to be a distinction made between the * original * Arrowverse Multiverse and the * new * Arrowverse Multiverse.

The “new Multiverse” consists only of Earth Prime, Earth-2 (Stargirl), Earth-9 (Titans), Earth-12 (Green Lantern-related stuff), Earth-19 (Swamp Thing), Earth-21 (Doom Patrol), and Earth-96 (Donnerverse).

The New multiverse isn’t Arrowverse. Its DC Live-Action shows multiverse.

The New Multiverse has a nice ring to it.

We could call it DC Live-Action Multiverse.

Which leaves DC Comic Book Multiverse.

I suppose DCEU multiverse is just DCEU.
But that could change if they later on decide to include DC Vertigo movies & DC Black Label movies.

Also, I thought Star Girl was part of Titanverse earth 9 ?

I didn’t realize the other DC Universe shows took place on different earths. So how is Cyborg suppose to go from Doom Patrol to Titans permanently?