Casting Robert Pattinson is a huge gamble for WB

Wow, why does anyone at WB or Robert Pattinson think this is a good idea?? You really want to tie Batman to Twilight? I thought Robert did well with Good Times and was working with Nolan now. Why, if he’s just redeemed his acting career, would he want to be Batman and remind everyone of Twilight. If he wants to outlive Edward then he shouldn’t play Batman. Maybe he pulls a Heath Ledger, but I have nothing to be excited about now until the reviews are in. Now Nicholas Hoult would be really interesting. From XMen to Mad Max Fury Road I think that guy could do it!

You know with all these threads that keep being made to discredit Robert Pattinson, in some ways you solidify DC’s decision to cast him. Great animosity is a stepping stone to great love. Take note from Lois’s and Clark’s relationship.

I’m curious to see who they’ll cast for Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman.

Not a gamble a huge mistake on there part…and I swear if I see that chick from twilight play catwoman I won’t watch it…

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Great idea! Young actor that looks like a Bruce Wayne with tons of name recognition, and a damn good actor.

@thefallen50.35122 Apparently a lot of Twilight fans are proposing just that. I wouldn’t worry about it though because it seems like she tanked her career after the Snow White scandal.

At this point there have been like 500 on-screen Batman portrayals with like 501 actors playing Batman. Why everyone is treating this like it’s some sacred grail that only a few are worthy of is beyond me.

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Anybody you cast as Batman is a huge gamble. It’s the nature of playing an iconic character. You have a lot to live up to. Some do better than others. Personally I don’t think Affleck was a good choice.

Everybody thought WB was nuts when the cast “Mr Mom” as Batman, that worked out. Sometimes I think the “worse” the fit people think it will be, the better the character has turned out.

Regardless of what people think of Twilight, Pattinson has proven that he can anchor a successful franchise.

That matters when casting decisions are made.

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People have strong feelings about Batman. I think anyone chosen would get detractors, and any choice would be a gamble, especially for a franchise starter/reboot/fixer/whatever DC/WB is doing right now.

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Recasting Keaton and doing The Dark Knight Returns properly seems like such a no-brainer that I can’t believe they didn’t just do it. Set it in continuity with Batman / Batman Returns, I imagine it would be a huge success, everyone would go see it.

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