🇺🇸 :catwoman_hv_2: Cast Your Vote for Prez and Catwoman! :catwoman_hv_2: 🇺🇸

It may not be a presidential election year @JusticeLeagueBookClub, but your vote always matters, so why not cast a vote for one of DC You’s most entertaining books: Writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell’s delightfully entertaining and wonderfully satirical Prez:

Bonus read: Prez made a brief return in 2016 in the pages of this presidential library-worthy one-shot :point_down:t2::

Afterward, be sure to check out the original volume of Prez, from 1973:

What are your thoughts on these series, and would you vote for a teenage president? Cast your vote below, and let democracy, justice and freedom reign from sea to shining sea! :us:

Special thanks to @keath for joggin’ my noggin loose about Catwoman: Election Night. :+1:t2:


I vote @Vroom for President, he makes alot of great choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have read the original comic but never did read the newer version.


I really want the second half of Russell’s run to be published. The one-off in Election Night in a completely different timeline didn’t jive.


To quote the best superhero’s best live-action iteration:

“No sir, don’t thank me. We’re all part of the same team.” :superman:

I do however thank you, @Reaganfan78. :hugs:

Interesting! What’d you think of Prez v1?


snaps fingers

That’s right! Along with Telos and Superman: Lois and Clark (Titans Hunt, too?), Prez was going to be a 12-issue run, wasn’t it? That escaped my mental sponge over the last 7 years.

It’d be great if Russell could do a new round with Prez. I’d certainly support the book.

I read that when it came out, but I don’t remember much about it, offhand. Looks like its time for a re-read! :point_up:t2: :face_with_monocle:


I thought it was interesting, the happy face​:slightly_smiling_face: villain was creepy. I have to say the kid who became president is really lucky.


Now I have a desire to watch the Disney flick First Kid, which starred Sinbad.

goes to see if First Kid is on Disney+

I hope it is, I hope, I hope.


I read this because it was one of @Razzzcat’s picks last month for the
community member spotlight.
Somehow it missed my radar, but I really enjoyed it. Intelligent, and great pacing. Razz mentioned that they had cancelled the other half of the series, which is a shame. It was poignant, especially these days.

Agree it wasn’t a suitable way to end things.



I think Prez sadly flew under most people’s radars, due to it not being a superhero series and an update of a character that was quite obscure.

The upside is that Prez does seem to have gained more recognition over the years, which is nice. Better to be a title deserving of recognition that gets it later on, rather than one that deserves, but never has, its richly-deserved recognition.

Have you read any of Mark Russell’s other DC work, @vct2041?


Not much in the way of his DC contributions, no.


If you like, here’s some other work of Russell’s that’s worth a look:

  • The Flintstones (2016)

  • Superman: Space Age

The latter’s second issue drops at retail on the 27th, while all of The Flintstones is on DCUI.

I never thought I’d love anything to do with The Flintstones, but Russell proved me wrong. Its a clever book that offers subtle commentary on the modern age.


Prez was an underrated gem of a book.

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To quote the TV show Arrested Development, “Oh, most definitely.”

Prez is an underrated title from an underrated era (DC You) by an underrated writer (Mark Russell).

There’s plenty in the current political landscape that a new volume of Prez could mine for satire, and I’ll bet if Russell got a chance to do a new series, he could easily fill out 12 issues this time around.

Just so long as no line-wide publishing initiatives unintentionally complicate his plans, as Rebirth did with the previous Prez series. :wink:

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