Cast Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Exactly what it says in the title. Who should play which character, and (if you want to go a step further) what should the premise be? Should they get a movie, a TV show, or just be guest stars in someone else’s show? You decide!


I’m biased cuz I love em so I would like a live action. Just saw this post so w/o having time to do think, maybe Megan Fox as Phantom Lady, John Cena with cgi to make him tiny as Dollman, R. Lee Ermey as Uncle Sam, Lou Diamond Phillips as Black Condor, Zac Efron as the Ray, Channing Tatum as Firebrand, Keanu Reeves as Human Bomb, Alison Brie as Doll Girl that’s all I got for now off top of my head.


matthew mcconaughey should be casted as Uncle Sam!


All right, all right, all right!


While he’s too old for it now, I always thought Christopher Lloyd would have made a great Uncle Sam.


IDK about The Freedom Fighters but I think Ron Cephas Jones would be a great Uncle Sam.


If McConaug Matthewhey is Uncle Sam, expect him to be one chiseled Uncle Sam.

Also expect the Freedom Fighters to use Lincoln cars as their primary mode of transportation.

Sam: “Into the Navigator!”

The Ray and Condor: “Well, we can fly, so we don’t-”

Sam: “Hop in!” they get in

Sam: “That’s the thing I like about being team leader: they grumble, I tell them what to do and they listen to me. Yes they do, yes they do!”


Guys, just think about it. Keep it in mind. Give it a thought.

…Uncle Sam could be the DCEU’s answer to Captain America.


Definitely Sam Eliot as Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam:Jeff Bridges


Here’s my thoughts and choices for a Freedom Fighters film

Uncle Sam - Clive Owen
Phantom Lady - Ella Purnell
Doll (Wo)Man - Jessica Barden
Human Bomb - Jack Lowden
The Ray - Tati Gabrielle
Black Condor - Henry Golding
Plastic Man - voice and head of Bill Hader
Kid Eternity - Catherine Parker
Red Bee - Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
Blackhawk - Mads Mikkelson

Uberfuhrer Karl Donitz III- Bruno Gantz

The potential for controversy in casting British Clive Owen as All-American Uncle Sam might help create some free advance advertising for the movie/mini-series

I went ahead and cast other Quality Comics characters that might be featured in individual episodes/scenes (i.e. appear and get killed off)

Mostly young European actors, so they’d be affordable and living in or close to location set. For locations, I figure it would film cheaply in some former Soviet satellite country to get that older, post-industrial, apocalypic urban battleground look of Earth-X America. I also made some gender reassignments as I saw fit (too lopsidedly male a team otherwise)

I made up the Uberfuhrer character. I figure Hitler would be too old by then to fight Uncle Sam (unless he ended up a disembodied brain in a glass bubble controlling a giant Nazi robot spider)

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