Cast and Synopsis for next DCAU film "Superman: Man of Tomorrow" Revealed!

Darrin Criss (Glee) as Superman
Zackary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek) as Lex Luthor
Alexandria Daddario (Baywatch, True Detective) as Lois Lane
Brent Dalton (Agents of SHIELD, Until Dawn) as Lobo
Ryan Hurst (The Walking Dead) as Parasite
Ike Amandi (Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge) as Martian Manhunter

It will be a new origin story, about Clark Kent as “an intern for the Daily Planet and learning on the job of how to save the city of Metropolis.”

While I’m sad that this pretty much confirms that the universe we’d been following since Justice League War is over, that does sound like a good cast. Hopefully we’ll get something cool and new out of it.


Love the art design, can’t wait to see the movie! :grinning:


It looks cool, strikingly different from what’s been done before. Kinda gives me an Archer vibe. Hopefully it works well in motion. :slight_smile:


Darren Criss is a really surprising choice for Superman, though I do definitely like Quinto as Lex. I’m pretty intrigued by this, especially since the animation style looks to be taking these movies in a new direction


Darren Criss? Yeah, I can see it.

I don’t know why but when I first saw the image it reminded me of the venture bros, not saying that’s a bad thing I like the art style this movie going to have

Looks nice can’t wait to see it.

I love the current universe, but if a reboot is happening, I’m excited to see what this cast does with it!

@Jay_Kay definitely getting an archer vibe too

I’m always down for another Superman animated movie. We don’t get enough of those, to be honest.


I’m looking forward to it. The artwork looks interesting.

I wait patiently with my money in hand for someone to stay quiet and receive payment.

Interesting artwork look! I’m definitely excited to check this out. So, I wonder if this means we could be getting origin story movies for Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash etc…?

Gotta love that minor update to the article.