Cartoon Network and their ineptitude

Does anyone remember that DC used to have a block called DC Nation with shows like Green Lantern and Young Justice? I did and it was good until Cartoon Network mishandled it and their shows got canceled thanks to them. Even worse is not only they keep pumping out Teen Titans GO, but CN is only interested in stuff that’s more kiddy, simplistically drawn and lacking action. With all that said, you guys think CN is just bad after what they’ve done? To me, after they mishandled YJ, the channel sure is


I agree. So much potential wasted for a show that has no respect for the source material.

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I agree. I’m an older fan who happened on Young Justice one day and got hooked. It was a good show. I guess the Titans Go would be okay if I was say 4. Actually, I think cartoons in general have really been dumbed down since I was a good. My dad even said the same thing!

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I love Young Justice. The revival of it is one of the main reasons, I joined this service. I was hoping it was getting released along side of Titans but it looks like next year? Not sure. I am just waiting for the Titan show.

I never watched GL when it originally aired. I didn’t care for the type of animation they used. Then years later, someone at work told me to check it out that the stories where very solid. I did and very happy with the show.

I do wish that DC will get their act together and release better DVD releases of their animated properties. I don’t own either because they were never fully released as a complete season. I think some of YJ is now but at this point it time, they should just do a complete series release like Justice League Adventures and Unlimited.

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I just remember it YJ and Green lantern airing at some bizarre hour, for like 3 weeks at a time, then they would change it to some other day and time slot. Bad idea for something so canonical.

Here’s a bit of elaboration for discussion. When I mentioned how CN’s programming is more kiddy, simplistically drawn, and lacking action, I really do mean it with stuff like OK KO, Craig of the Creek, We Bare Bears, the upcoming Thundercats Roar, etc. and they all follow all, or a few, of the dumb guidelines. I know CN is a kids network but that doesn’t mean sacrificing genre and art diversity, nor using that same, dumb art style people dub “CalArts.” Kids like variety and mature writing, too. The only thing I would watch on CN is their new show Infinity Train which although looks simplistic, has a more polished art style and has a somewhat mature story but that’s it. The rest, including Steven Universe, blows.

Yeah they really dropped the ball so bad on YJ, GL TAS & Beware the Batman… all 3 were solid to good shows in their own right just the network didn’t ever want to make them a priority despite the brand appeal.

ik toy sales & reaching audiences outside the target demo factored in among other things but for so long I wished Toonami on adult swim would’ve aired and continued those series I think they did eventually air the final episodes of beware the bat but by then dvd releases were coming up.

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