Carter Hall/Hawkman has been Cast in Black Adam

Into it, really liked this guy in INVISIBLE MAN, don’t really remember him in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON but i don’t remember anyone being bad in it so I’m down A.F.


Cool, I’m sold.

Honestly I don’t really care about Hawkman so this would be fine with me, just any cool actor getting a chance is something I’m on board with.



Similar jawline now that I look at it. That’s kind of neat.


I spent all night trying to figure out where I’d seen him as both my girl and I agreed he looked familiar.

Finally it kicked in that he was in the Star Trek: Short Treks episode “Calypso”.

I like the casting, and am very excited to see him don the wings.


I’ve never actually seen either of those movies, but I liked him in the TV shows Leverage and Underground, so I’m sold! Gonna be interesting to see how they work him in and handle the origin.

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He looks big enough to play Carter and he’s 6’1’’. I could never get past them casting a shorter guy on Legends to play Hawkman. Hawkman should be physically imposing. In a plus, he’s played Sinestro (kinda) before.

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Hahah wow, deep cut

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I loved him in Invisible Man, I’m glad to see him in the DCEU. I’ve never read Hawkman myself so it should be interesting!