Careful they should not grow up to fast

I am very concerned how dark Young Justice is becoming! I enjoy it very much but is it really OK for young children. We have seen more than one murder and corpses! Please understand that young ones are not ready for this. Please be careful children should be children for as long as they can. They grow up to soon as it is .

Well, when a show introduces Darkseid, there are only so many ways the character can be deemed “kid-friendly” before he needs to return to the monstrosity that he is.


It’s grazing the way the comics are. There are dark moments, but it’s mirroring the comic run. Slight changes, but maybe seeing it comes off darker then reading it?

Also, I have no children so it may be easier for me to say that. However, my parents, who were perfectly strict, let me watch any movie I wanted when I was a kid. Of course, this was at a time when the worst thing I could access was a rated R movie. It didn’t effect me at all. I grew up going all the way thru high school w/o even cussing. I’m much different now, but seeing nudity, hearing foul language etc. never caused me to emulate or impersonate it growing up. Today kids are exposed to much worse then these shows. Their a tap away from literally any content they wanna see. I like the way my folks did it. Let me watch it, realize it’s not that big a deal, stop giving it a second thought b/c it became mundane & the mystery behind it…vanished.


I agree with djd187, my parents let me watch whatever I wanted too. They normalized it, and I never had learn about sex or death from a friend or at school and they were clear to be a source of information if I had questions.

I don’t see it the responsibility of the cartoon to censor itself, but the responsibility of the parents to parent.

I like darker cartoons and storylines, though, so I am happy.

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I saw Pulp Fiction when I was around 6 or 7ish. I also saw Titanic in theaters around the same time. I turned out fine

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Your tag have anything to do with icp or just coincidence? Also, I agree, normalize it was the word I couldn’t find & wanted to use.

DC please don’t listen to OP.

Ramp up the body even more IMO

That’s supposed to say body count …

Ramp it up.

Go away


This is a subscription service, young children don’t pay subscriptions

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BOOM! Nuff said

I have 3 children ages 20, 18, and 10. I allowed them to watch tv/animation, play video games, etc without much restriction. I just made sure that either myself or their mother was there to talk to them about what they were seeing and answer any questions. They grew up understanding that most of what was being seen was make believe and is not how things work irl.

My point is you cant expect media to be responsible for how your kids are raised. That is left to the parent (s) to step up.

And trying to shield children from the “evils” of this world is a losing battle.


Who said this was a kids show? Even the first two seasons wasn’t always clearly a kids and family show like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.

Most of these characters aren’t even teens anymore


Absolutely not piling on. I spoke my peace below. However, I was reading Outsiders 2003 last night & they don’t even use symbols for cursing anymore, they just say it. Titans is being unfairly segregated as a how dare u for DC, when comics kids could get at the library are exactly the same. The Minka Kelley nudity scene, if u can call it that, is less then I’ve recently seen in comics. In legends of the dark knight they show Catwomans breasts & in Superboy & the legion of superheroes the same with Dawnstar. I’m sure there’s more & worse, but I just happened to read those randomly. I didn’t research for examples. Minkas scene was done very tastefully & I haven’t seen a complaint about it yet. Sometimes arts just art, & I defy anyone to say Minkas not the ultimate example of art done right. She’s a perfect form of the human body head to toe. It’s completely natural unless perverted & that scene was far from perverted.

My boys are 13, 12 and10. I let them watch Titans and they loved every minute of it. They all know its fantasy.


I wouldn’t call Minka Kelly a work of art, but she does have talents. I might be one of the few who did not think that scene contributed to anything. Instead of her randomly starting to take her clothes off, the same goal could have been made by showing a symbolic meaning like two hawks and doves perched on each of their lost family member’s tombstones (bad example, but still a creative way to get the same message across).
I also agree about the comics. I have noticed a lot of “kid-friendly” books that include profanity and sexual innuendos as well as seeing a comic rated 15+ that has nothing violent, sexual, or profane about it. The 15+ comic is one of the free comics on the DC Comics App, and it is called The Puppet Masters.


I kind of see the first two seasons as a kid show for adults. Where kids can watch it, and may not understand 100% it, but adults love watching it too. The kids that did watch the show as children are grown up now, so they can watch more mature stuff. Season 3 comes out on this streaming service that can have more mature shows, so the kids who watched it 6 years ago are still entertained with it, and the adults who watched it are also happy with it being a little darker.



I feel ya’ I’m not perving out on that scene but I’ll defend it. It’s all over the comics like that & Minka is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just one of those things for me, where I found out b4 I joined site she was playing Dove & I think it’s safe to say she nailed it.

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The newer content on the streaming service is not meant for young children. The shows are darker and more mature content because it’s for adults who want shows that are slightly grittier than the cable/network shows that have to follow censorship. Also, kids and teens wouldn’t really have the resorces (debit/credit card) to sign up for a membership and most require you to be 18 anyway.

The reason why YJ was canceled to begin with was because their target demographic (preteens, mostly boys 8-14) wasn’t even the majority of their active audience and they weren’t selling as much toys as they anticipated. The majority of their audience was young women (mid teens to early 20’s), people who are interested in the show and may buy comics, but not very likely to buy action figures. They even stated in interviews that this show is going to be more mature to reflect it’s audience.

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