Captain marvel

I saw that other Captain Marvel trailer…So let me get this straight. Marvel steals the name Captain Marvel from DC creates a hero that is basically Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns has her wear a GREEN costume and thinks no that’s not right since my name is Danvers I should probably wear blue, red and yellow like that other Danvers a.k.a SUPERGIRL.

Shazam is the real one

I don’t care. Captain Marvel was a stupid name for a DC character.

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The interesting thing is that DC originally sued Fawcett Comics, claiming that Captain Marvel infringed their copyright in Superman. DC later licensed the character from Fawcett but I believe Marvel was already publishing Captain Marvel comics at the time. Marvel sent DC a cease and desist letter because early issues of Shazam included the tag line “The Original Captain Marvel.” (It is the 1973 Shazam series - check out issue #1 if you want to see an example.) To avoid any problems, DC got rid of that tag line and used the name Shazam.


I am aware of this. Great info to post though, it’s always cool reading about the histories of ALL these comic characters. I had just discovered the other day there was a 1941 Captain Marvel serial show. I hope we will be able to stream that here!