Captain Marvel Trailer

Why isn’t this the definitive resource for the real Captain Marvel movie? Saw the trailer during football today and loved it! Say the Word!

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It still bothers me that Captain Marvel (DC) was created before the Marvel version, yet Marvel won the rights to keep the name and DC Comics had to change his name to Shazam. While I am sure, if I knew more information, I would not be as polarized, but from what I’ve read, it seems like Marvel ripped off DC Comics and was able to get away with it.

Neither company has clean hands, but yes, Marvel grabbed the name when DC hadn’t been using it, then won the right to keep it in court. DC could still use the name in stories, but not on the cover.

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Yes, both companies have done bad things. With DC Comics’s Atomic Skull having a very similar design style as Ghost Rider, as well as other characters, DC Comics followed with some moments of animosity generated by Marvel (since DC Comics is older).

But, seeing as the comic companies try to show superheroes, I would think they would try to be sensible and clean.

Well, I share your angst, and hate that they kind of gave up over the last 10 years. For decades it was a moot point because Marvel’s Captain Marvel never had the relevance and looked more like a place for Starlin to get crazy, and Ms Marvel was inconsequential, even prompting multiple reboots as Binary before they recommitted her with the title. It used to be that DC would use it as it was intended, and the Big Red Cheese was who we all thought of. It was a hazy time when DC allowed the rights to be grabbed, and I don’t blame them as much as I do Marvel for intentionally trying to destroy a character that was more beloved than Superman at one time. Geoff and Dan say things like “everyone knows him as Shazam anyway” which is like Trump saying he’s a great businessman–just wishing it into existence. I wish DC hadn’t capitulated when they had the high ground. Now I just hope they make a good movie.

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I like Atomic Skull. He’s cool.

An example of the problem is if someone made a new character called Cyborg, sued DC Comics, won, and DC Comics had to change his name to Booyah. It would sound so ridiculous when “Booyah” would consistently say Booyah. Or, it’s like Superman constantly saying “Superman” in order to use his powers. While Captain Marvel calls on Shazam for powers, it would be ridiculous to call out your own name to use powers.