Captain Marvel: Magic human or golem?

Question: When batson says Shazam, does he become a superhuman, or does his spirit inhabit a magic construct?

I’ve never seen him bleed, when even Superman bleeds (which doesn’t make sense either, but w/e).

CM often has kind of an inhuman grin on his face, and button eyes. To me it makes sense that Batson is inhabiting a construct of invulnerable magic material, infused with the power of the gods. Perhaps his physical body goes to rock of infinity or to a dimension where he’s kept safe.

What say you?

Magic mortal.

That’s a good question. I think he was probably originally meant to be a superhuman, but the supernatural golem idea might be more interesting. Of course, depending on how close to a human’s physiology the construct is, it might not make a huge difference. Wonder Woman, for instance, is largely indistinguishable from a human other than the superpowers, but is made out of clay and is therefore arguably the sort of construct you’re talking about (well, Pre-New 52, anyway, but that’s a whole other can of worms).

So, I guess the question is that if Billy grew up and worked out a lot, would he look like Captain Marvel, or is the “Cap” form created from whole cloth rather than being Billy, but older? And at that point, I guess you have to consider that Teth-Adam and Black Adam look the same, so I’d guess Captain Marvel is probably a physical transformation Billy goes through (via age-up), not a construct.